Wednesday, December 19, 2012

today i am officially an OFW paper wise nyahahaahaha :-p although was a bit disappointed to have to wait on queue but nevertheless, i got what i came for so clap! clap! only to have my heartbeat racing with a warning from my coworker that our "lolo" went hell again  and was taken out on him. i actually felt bad but he took the bullet for me and i owe him one big time...promise i'll make it up someday LOL! so here i am all alone on the closing shift trying to bury myself on work related productivity stuff i have already finished hours ago. i actually am efficient in more ways than you can see. i may look timid, slow and irritating but that's just what i want to project since you want me to be that way...let's just say i'll just surprise you one day :) or i simply just wanna feed your dislike...either way i find it amusing. and so here i am staring on my monitor visiting all corners of my mind to rack out things i wanna share and it all boils down to what boring hours can do to me. i feel everything is heightened at it's peak.  my annoyance to one person, my inside telling me to drop by and say hi to one person who is halfway around the world, my not so clear work pass extension, the how the final sequence of my "naudlot" love affair would end, the how to celebrate Christmas and the homecoming in 9 days. you see this is the classic me, i once dated a guy who told me about this ages ago that i always think and over the edge if he may add an adjective. but i can't help me. this is how i was brought up. to think...well i may be emotional that's normal since i am still a girl but i always make sense out of things no matter how insignificant they become in the long run. so i am yawning counting the last 30 minutes before i press log out! with thoughts of when will K ask me for coffee nyahahaha hopefully soon before the world ends :) 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

over hot coffee

i've been trying to visit slumber land for the last 5 hours but i'm on a could be the booze or coffee but i really cannot will my eyes to here i am doing one thing that never fails...i really don't have any topic in mind just that a thought visited me...with flu and sneezing nonstop i suddenly cannot stop thinking about "M." how it would be nice to finally sit and talk to him face to face once again.i meet him about 2 years ago while vacationing on a picturesque island  and i have to say i never felt so connected to a person before he came. oh well i can always carry a conversation (i don't mean to brag suhwear!)  that's a given... but he was the only guy that can really go with the pace as i was in. it's like meeting your soul mate but you don't have any romantic can talk anything under the sun. we basically know how to respond and finish sentences without even meaning to. we had so much to talk and so little time. nevertheless, we made the most out of it and it was one thing in my life i would never ever regret. to know that someone halfway across the world gets you. days, weeks, months and years passed and we have moved on to our lives. oh yes! we are social network connected but our lives went as how we would live it. i continued chasing my dreams and achieved most of it (ohh dba? feeler much)...suddenly out of boredom and at that moment on an emotional turmoil, i saw the green light beside his name...i tried to stop myself but just went with what the heck?!?!!!? i simply said what anyone would...a hello, smiley and the dumb how's life...i ran to the pantry to get my daily dose of coffee, never expecting an echo of answer and my ged! to my surprise there he was...the exchange would have been brief if it was just another person but we quickly jump from how we have been, to our professional lives, to the olympics and chili wings and so heart was rapidly beating that nothing changed from 2 years ago. we still have that "connection" and that made my day. i am not pinning on any romantic route or feeling lovey dovey about the whole thing...but it amazes me that you can have someone like that in your life. with the one day we had together and with what happened between us we can still be who we are without assumptions or looking at each other with indifference . from the start what really drew me was his transparency and zest for life...something that i never found with any guy i meet and dated (char! as if there were too many nho?) they may appear limpid at the beginning and one with the 21st century way of thinking... but the chauvinistic man ego always prevails...the need to conquer...the need to be superior over women. sad but true, we still have double standards maybe because we let it...tsk...tsk...tsk...entirely out of topic...going back, we have been communicating as of late and everytime it's always something refreshing...there is always that feeling of excitement on our everyday adventure no matter how little it doesn't need to be always constantly in touch...just finding comfort on the thought that he is out there...maybe for  a good distraction or a reminder for me that such a person exist in my life...not necessarily a lover nor the chummiest of friend rather someone you would love to chat over hot coffee :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


"I wish I'm just a kid. Less worries, 
sometimes none at all."

when do you say it's the end? when over is the finale? rationally, i would gather facts as many as i can to come to a conclusive decision...when my whole being is threatened and my ego had been bruised then it's high time to let go! no more explanations needed just simply drop everything and move forward...but that's the do you move now, i should have a road map on this course but i'm back to where i started. not that i am lost on what and how to step forward.

those were echoes from 15 days ago...i just reviewed all that is on draft mode and felt the strongest connection on this one. it is but fitting to end something that i started...and i sure hoped that it also happens in real life...endings to every beginnings...i can only sigh but we can choose our own endings. as crazy as how my mind goes in circus patterns this days, i am firmly planting my conviction that everything is in conclusion- no ifs no buts-just that it has closed curtains and the next play is on the works...same old me playing the lead role (but of course! this is my life nyahaaha!) and still looking for next casts to better fit vacated roles. each day is a constant battle and thankfully most days are a win! the fighter in me is pushing me to never look back, to erase vague moments of uncertainties and to thrust forward for a  brighter day. i fill out my days of thoughts that it will soon be over and sunny days are up ahead...easier said than done but to be truthful about it there are itsy bitsy leaks on this strong facade...those moments when you just wanna breakdown but you cannot because the head tells you to think long and hard that it's really not necessary...and so i drown on animosities at which i ended up on retail therapy nyahahaha:-p well a girls' gotta do what she needs to do you know :-p and as i've always say this is just temporary....i can feel and smell happiness around the corner :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

this will be the last of it...i hope!

they say the first step to letting go is acceptance...memories are bittersweet tortures but you have to continue pushing was a heavy feeling retracing the very places i once walked with the person i have almost considered to be part of my life maybe for forever. but there i am treading them as if heavy chains were strapped on each feet. i tried to keep my composure on the spot where once a person waited and looked at me like i was the only person in the world...i have to say i miss that but controlled myself of whatever emotion was gonna happen...talking aloud in my mind that it would never happen again :( so i kept  going... towards the streets where i was protectively held amongst  passing cars and buses...i was thinking of finally finding comfort when i entered the church but looking at the pews we once sat my heart just wanna stop beating for a moment and just walk out and find solace elsewhere. but i stood there reminding myself that i am here because i need to talk to the one person who knows entirely what are my heart's desire... i thought of it as a test on how far i'm willing to go to face HIM...i found relief knowing that despite my pain, my confusion and my many doubts someone up there has the greatest and best laid plans for me and that whatever I'm feeling right now is just temporary....just a little bend on the round to make me stronger and wiser the next time i turn on this corner..probably gathering a team of heavenly beings ensuring that my well deserved happy ending is gonna happen... 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


i stumbled upon an article about hating a person who have hurt you....made me think twice about reading the content but on the first sentence alone i stopped....uhmmm...hating is such a strong and powerful wrong and it doesn't validate any thing...yes you've been hurt, betrayed or whatever  but hating them for that will not make the pain you feel lesser. it will just magnify whatever it is you are feeling...that could then lead to self pity, guilt or something. i suggest instead rather than focusing on destroying the person why not treat them with kindness and know that in this way they will see you as a person mature enough to accept that things don't end up as intended. plus you get to show them it's their loss letting you go but that's just minor compared to feeling better. it takes time i know! i've been that road multiple times and over and over it just felt right not to say or hate while you're at that feeling...just let time heal whatever you feel or is need to repair...just have faith that after every storm is a rainbow! char!  good vibes! good thoughts! good life! 

Monday, December 3, 2012


early saturday morning and listening to taylor's new album red...i'm not a big fan of hers but her honesty on her songs draws me to listen to her  aside from the obvious reason that i can relate nayahhaa:-p ohh well at this very moment (meaning it could change anytime or will no longer hold true when you read this) i am so breathing the song "i almost do" if there was a music video my current life episode is the perfect clip in my own point of view only hap :-p....i've been looping the song for the nth time just plainly listening and taking courage from it...convincing myself, reciting aloud at the back of my mind " i can do this!" "i am strong!" a tear is about to fall it suddenly stopped before it dropped...does this mean i'm turning into an ice queen? i hope not to the point where i'll have none to give for the "someone"....still praying for it....on top of all the things i have constantly prayed the meantime while on commercial break i will wallow on the lines

And I just want to tell you
It takes everything in me not to call you
And I wish I could run to you
And I hope you know that
Everytime I don’t,
I almost do, I almost do

I bet you think I either moved on or hate you
‘Cause each time you reach out there’s no reply
I bet it never, ever occurred to you that I can’t say hello to you
And risk another goodbye

We made quite a mess, babe
It’s probably better off this way
And I confess, babe
That in my dreams you’re touching my face
And asking me if I want to try again with you
And I almost do

i wanna say it's sad but i wholeheartedly know it isn''s probably for the best since someone made the decision on my behalf without having the courage and courtesy to ask me...hahayz...tsk...tsk...tsk...and that is un-called for :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

a woman's worth

on  a hang up from last night's hot yoga, steam bath and viva mexico dinner and now addicted to why men love bitches is a good way to wake up on a Saturday morning. it's a relief knowing that come next week it will be hell week because of the IT show...just taking things as they come despite things not so looking up...that is in my perspective. a funny thing dawned on me last doesn't take a lot to feel complete. as long as my family and friends are with me then why worry...yah! yah! maybe from time to time a disturbance may come but the very least welcome it!  the important thing is never bending who you are and decreasing your value as a woman. how can we stand firm on our need for equality if we allow ourselves to depreciate? ill end this piece from the book "As a person, you feel you are complete with him or without him. This is the most important thing you can convey:independence rather than dependence. This is what gives him the perception you can hold your own."

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dangerous Liaisons

in life we come to a moment where we just simply take a leap of faith....without clarity as fleeting as the moment pass we grab it...not because it's the right thing but because it just feels too good to let it go. people will wonder and maybe pass judgement at a may or may not have the answers right away but subconsciously you now deep within you that sometimes you stretch the boundary up to its fullest just have to keep in mind that once you've reached saturation point you need to be sure that you have yourself saved....keep the faith! always trust in God's plan :) He knows what's best for us!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


and so with netizins buzzing about the cybercrime law back in pinas their is a different buzz stinging on my head as of late...ohhhh well i already told my friends and most probably dropped hints on my status. you see for the past 2 weeks and counting i've been crushing (ohhh dba highschool lng ang peg!) on someone from the workplace. i know...i know i said i would never but again i am exempted since this is my cyber corner and as i always say i can't help it nayahaahaha:) i may sound like a stalker but with stress i probably need to have a little inspiration and someone to look forward while i work diba? so don't hate me nah please. it's just that sometimes a simple hello could brighten my day and makes me wonder could there be more than just the exchange of pleasantries...dba feelingera much? nayahaha:-p but honestly, i'm liking the guy because of his being simple and harmless demeanor...mahirap nang loud ang personality for both nakakalerkki nayhha:-p so let's see what happen in could be happy...could be just nothing..who knows...who can tell so...stay tuned!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

press PAUSE then PLAY

for the nth time i am hearing my thoughts speaking to me to the loudest possible pitch my sense of hearing can's a weekend and worse F1 weekend and i'm here at my room doing L word on my forehead with blinking lights flashing i know ryt???? nyahahaha:-p the thing is i don't fact i love fleeting moments...alone time is me time. it helps me see things straight and clearer. suddenly those clouds that hover and threaten to rain anytime soon suddenly faded. it's a known fact that their are episodes of life that we can't seem to find the  answers we are looking for. not that we are searching for answers, it's just that versions may vary and maybe at lost as to which one to believe. a part of us wants to cling on the good things but the skeptic and rational reality pulls our feet and violently slaps a hundredfold with "hey! you gotta move forward gurl!" most of the time i think we really do! comfortably treading the point of no turning back but at a certain point something makes you stop for awhile. and in those moment pause taunting thoughts start to hunt you and everything you said before all sounds ridiculous and thrown at the window nayahhaa:-p many of us constantly trek on this halted period. believe me i've seen and know a lot of them.i don't really have the answer as to why this phenomena occurs but i guess the safest answer would be because of mountain height of unfinished business...maybe as you move forward, a memory still lingers of the good times despite the nasty outcome. the intermission break makes you appreciate the significantly good things that has happen to you along the way. either you let this halt time take you to step forward or rewind to retrace your pace is not an indicator if you are making the right or wrong move...let's say it's any one's gamble. after all we are all given free will to judge as we see fit on what's good or the cassette recorder we can always press PAUSE then PLAY:)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single move forward and reach a destination...considering that roadblocks may come along the way....doubts that may shake the very core of who you are. everything starts with a  dream then taking the next level into reality. but it never stops's just half of the journey....

been on  hiatus with no decent post to share...the only thing i'm bent on achieving is to share my survival my mind there were numerous versions, edited and written 'til i realized not one of them materialized ahaahahaha....nobody made a manual guide on what would happen in between reaching your one warned that it could have an altering effect mentally and emotionally for the most part...almost everyone skipped this part and moved to the happy ending but i couldn't blame them i've said no diagram was ever created. each experience is unique to one...maybe some similarities but never 100% the an effort to shed at least a little help on this so called journey i have listed 5 things you must be prepared to deal with and it starts with...

  • plan - this is different from the planning mentioned above...this happens after the initial "planning" is over. on this stage you will usually envision routes as to which way to take and be warned that whatever you choose it starts with hard then harder and finally  hardest...easy way is not an think of ways how to be competitive at the same time avoid being over confident. normally you advertise on your strongest qualities and make your weaker attributes still work to your advantage. even on those turn downs always ask for feedback how to improve the next time and then start planning again nyahhaa:) changing your game plan often won't hurt.
  • connect - on this one it requires a lot of flexibility...throw away the mentality that you never want to see or be seen with certain people...regardless of personal prejudices of which the most part was purely produced by hearsay it pays to associate yourself with people who already made it to the finish line. it doesn't mean you have to be learn from them and take note of pointers on how to succeed...i have been in the company of good and fun loving people that i've never imagined getting along but if i let my personal indifference rule me then i can certainly say i would've never made it!
  • adjust - new place, new environment, new game face....everything is "new"... a little of  professional experience,  educational qualification and luck is a perfect formula to start with...the end game is how well you sell yourself and summon everything you've learned during the go sees/interview...and one more thing the "english" you have been accustomed is not the acceptable "english" nyahahha:) forget the slangs and idioms...simplicity is a winning strategy nayhahaa:)
  • adapt - all time favorite tag line "nobody is perfect" can be stated above everything is brand and the people you are with may get along well during the planning stage but as you spend time almost 24/7 true colors start to get to see the bad habits that you never saw when you were on thagay and videoke sessions...funny but it's already called a relationship and pity things start to irritate it's all up to the individuals involved if they sink on those moments of crisis or swim back together ashore:)
  • faith - you feel that on everything, you already gave your best shot and still the goal you have carefully crafted is not going along your estimated start asking questions and doubt yourself...especially when almost everyone had reached their goals and you feel left out. you always say to yourself will i ever make it? it's valid to grope on those sentiments but do not ever let it defeat you. go back to the first step and start asking did i achieve what i came for? if the answer is capital "NO" then keep fighting! papa God has planned everything according to His timeline...while waiting,  pray for courage and strength to continue the quest...if it's His will... thy will be done! 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


they say it's terrible two....parallel to real life maintaining 2 years of blogging is an effort and i'm proud to say that i've managed to stretch it this long own personal space....where i can share my thoughts...daily dramas and challenges as my very own hero and antagonist....where i share my adventures,  tips on how to get cheap treats at reasonable prices....this is where i open myself so people can see the real me:) the good...the bad and the not so ugly nyahahha:)

eng...eng to celebrate 2 2 sentences explain the best song that you feel best describes your relationship/connection to can email your entry at with subject format song title+explanation and  deadline will be august 31, 2012 at 11:59PM Philippine time....and as for the best entry i will be giving away CK one perfume:) for PH based entries will make arrangement(s) as how to send your prizes...ohhh by the way winning entry will be choosen by nayahhaaa:-p who knows it could be your lucky day! 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


i am having this eureka thing and i just need to vent it out....oh well work has been stressful...i wish i could say in a good way but lately it has been overwhelmingly stressful...everyday has been like walking on egg shells and i feel that everything i say or do is closely studied/ridiculed into microscopic proportions....but then again i am still thankful and still on the point where i can't complain....not yet! who knows maybe in months time everything should be easy and breezy....the road to become better had never been shortcuts! so i am taking everything as a challenge that i have to survive and eventually triumph...but that's not what this entry is all they say it's all in the mind...whatever state we are in if our mind can perceive and endure then it always has its effect...i just recalled a time in my life and a lot of this coming from facts that i am just starting to piece together not to mend nor closure but just to get to the bottom of everything once and for all...i am certainly looking forward to the day when the person involved could muster the courage to face me not to say sorry (i believe we are so pass that stage!) but to iron out some i've said i'm in a happy place now but a part of me still wanted to believe that the said person still has the innate good nature:) the biggest blooper of it all is the paranoia that everyone was plotting behind my back and wishing all evil things to happen for me when in fact they just didn't care pak! nayahahahhaa a big slap on my face so to speak but again i'll just stick to "charge it to experience"....what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger diba according to mareng kelly nyahahaaa:)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

"happy ever after"

during my not so busy moments at work i am hooked on the series "once upon a time"...the series focuses on what happens after the "happy ever after" ending of our fairy tales and answers questions such as why the evil queen became evil and give us a more human perspective of our favorite fairy tale us they too encountered moments of doubts, weakness and above all their world went round and round because of LOVE...take note even the evil queen did before good girl gone bad happened spoiler much nah? nayahhahaha:) so in short this post is all about love to the's not that i am in love hap! not yet! i'm just taking things lightly after a very abrupt lifestyle and status change chos! i'm in a state where i'm grasping new things and seeing things with fresh eyes... ever wonder if you google "what is the meaning of love?" you will have gazillion results....that's because it can be defined depending on how a person sees it on the objective level and on how a person feels about it in a given moment...many have been in a wonder how love can be a driving force for our source of happiness and deepest sadness...i too don't have the answer but i can safely say been there and back...despite getting bruised over and over and swearing never to open up your heart or promising the next time you'll be wiser...but when a new opportunity opens up we ride into it hoping that it would be better than the previous one and just maybe it could end up on your own "happy ever after"...or in some cases knowing that someone you once loved dearly had his/her happy ending makes all the pain worth it....that's exactly how i feel right now:) thanks papa GOD for making me feel this way:) so work on my happy ending already hap? nyahhhaaa:-p

Thursday, May 10, 2012

despite the threat from China and digging as to where the baggages go...this is sensationalized even this how we intend to showcase ourselves?....twa's funny at first but to waste time on this? uhmmmm....i say there are a lot of important things that we need to talk about:-p uhhhh maski ako nadamay nah nayahaa:-p
googled and this comes up:

holier-than-thou: excessively or hypocritically pious;

 "a sickening sanctimonious smile".

in my own humble opinion i don't fit in any of those criteria...maybe best to toss it back to the accuser and will probably  have the perfect fit jack nicholson's character in a few good man said "You can't handle the truth!"  more applicable in this situation would be "REAL" and "EDUCATED"  people could have handled the situation need to resort to blackmailing...let me end this post with a quote

“The best index to a person's character is how he treats people who can't do him any good, and how he treats people who can't fight back.”  ― Abigail Van Buren 

in short madlang people malalaman ang taong may "BREEDING" when worse cases happen...mala SANTIAGO-TULFO ang PEG nyahahahaaa....question sino si CLAUDINE?...certainly not me nyahahaa::-p

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


in between seeing weddings happening and adjusting to the metropolis life in Singapore, i wondered on what to write that's original...past 3 posts are quotes that have seemed to catch my attention...still terrible looking on what and where to start....although i have been keen on posting a survival post but i believe it's too early...uhmm credibility wise i feel i don't have that right yet nyahahaaa:-p so far a whole range of emotions are felt on random daily basis and i'm just gratefully taking them in without they say the road to achieving your dreams won't be easy and when you are on the road some old and new bumps may come so better be ready for it! for now, i badly needed to shed weight like seriously nayahhaa!
"Writing is a pursuit for those ... who, at some pointhave spat pain in the face and lived to tell the story."

Friday, May 4, 2012

when things don't go your way...people aren't cooperating as planned...this should be a good reminder:)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


while on lunch...i stumbled on this message...i can't help but blush about it...parang instant connection nho....naleerrkki naman ako sa bold items nyahahaa....i mean really? nyahaaha:-p

how are you? hope your fine... it has been so long since a woman has captured my attention so fully or made my heart beat the way it did when going through your profile, if you don't mind my dear i will be love to know more about you and what you do for leaving...i believe a journey begin with a step...hope to read from you soon..cheer's.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


 i am overwhelmed that my dreams are starting to happen...i am grateful for all the blessings that God has given me...for my family and friends who unceasingly prayed for my success thanks a lot! i have always believed in the power of prayer but as they say it is more effective in numbers...always safety in numbers as they say...thanks again papa GOD! the new chapter will start probably next week and i am excited on my new adventure! SG humanda nyahahaa:-p ohhh btw will post SG survival tips as soon as i find time:) mwahhhhugzzzz:)

Monday, April 9, 2012

well it isn't always tense and stressful for the past 30 days.....i still LURVE to be in SINGAPURA:) we still find time to unwind naman kahit papano:)

our first night out in SG

pam and his prada guy

first beach outing!

with pretty jackie during our sentosa outing:)

me, rodney and pam inside the HEART....well hoping to be in LURVE in SG:)   

bus ride to clarke with the glenn's

donna's bday celeb at ORGO bar       

eds briefing us where to shop quality but at bargain rates! thanks eds:)

@ wild wild wet for easter with butch and rae

charmed! nyahahhaa
us enjoying the fake and simulated waves nayhaahahaha:)
so what's missing....uhmmmm papa God work please and an approved pass nayahaha:)

Sunday, April 8, 2012


first off HAPPY EASTER! just when i thought that i will temporarily hold my breath until monday kicks walahhhhhh!!!! our extension for another 30 days got approved! mind you we (pam and i) are still drowsy and less sleep because aubrey talked about her SG life complications nyahhaa:) i would have opted to stay awake until 6am but then she asked a question i am not yet ready to share and i told myself not to....actually pam knew about the whole thing by sheer accident...uhhhmmmm in my part, it was something i chose not to share to protect all parties...never mind what are stories out there...i would neither confirm nor part of the story is mine alone and whatever side people take is the least of my concern....i am happy where i am and my dreams are about to happen or at least i believe they are happening nayahhaaa:) so why open up to something that is for me hap "old news"...basta yopak naman sya uist no matter how tempting to have my side of the story published pero for what uist...i made a choice and assumed it was all for the best so let's just stick to that mindset...dba why complicate things when there is always a way out? nyhahahaa:-p it wasn't was a process,  it took years for emotional rehab and a lot of conscious effort to forgive about the question if i pushed him into a decision...then maybe i'd go for yes and yes probably i left him with no choice...does that make me a bad person? not necessarily...maybe i just did them a favor:) maybe he could have been all i wanted and needed but i wasn't for him so that just put the odds in balance nyahahhaa:) isolation, desperation, semi-insanity and a whole range of emotions could have contributed but nevertheless still a HAPPY EASTER! if you see this sight wouldn't you SMILE kahit fake ang waves nyahhaaa:-p more pics to come just check pam's FB account since she is the official photographer pak! havey na kau ako yawyaw diri unya deadmalogy rah diay kau sa iyaha nyahahaaa;-p faetz:-p

 pic taken by my cam so quality is not that much nyahhaaa:-p

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

HELLO? is it me your looking for?

if only i can knock on all doors and sing that...will they take me in? i don't know how my decision will end or where it will bring me but this is one ride that made me asked a lot...on a personal note, professional level and religious aspect....i was excited to start this week and hopeful that finally i get to write down something that states how to survive or deal when they venture in this adventure...then again life has a funny way of turning things around when you already felt everything is about to come in full circle... was i devastated? of course i was! who wouldn't? did it ever occurred for me to cry? absolutely! i just probably opted to be rational rather than making scene out of it. did i question my competencies? super! did i doubt my decision to leave everything? never! and that made all the a snap i knew in my heart that this is the route i'd matter how difficult and long this road leads me i am decided to fight it 'til the end... i promised myself that i would fight no matter how bleak the chances are...then  silently i  prayed for strength and to have faith in His plans....i lifted everything to His plans...i'm pretty sure i'm in good hands:) who knows a month from now or years will pass and then i get to read this post....this will remind me how i bravely stood up amidst uncertainties and doubts lurking around the corner....waiting for faith to drop...but i didn't....holy week ended!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

it's been a life changing and teeth clenching week for me....i am not yet in the state of desperation...i mean it's too early to tell but i'm preparing for those days mentally and emotionally...considering financially as well...nyahhahaa:-p they say when you want to make your dreams a reality you gotta chase it! that's exactly what i am doing right now....but nobody told me it would be difficult not in a sense that i'm hopeless but in a way where my comfort zone is totally detached from where i i miss my family, my conversation with my kapatid ddang and to top it all i am now missing inun-unan...ohhh dba? early morning drama...must be the dizzying silence but true enough i'm having those moments...on the other side, i'm super grateful for my SG friends who were very accommodating and provided valuable tips....i am super happy to meet and talk to them in the i waited for two years for this to happen and it's just overwhelming....i'll keep this entry short and i'll try to keep you posted....i am only inviting good things....happy Sunday:)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


all shoes below are for sale since i won't be able to bring them to SG:)
please PM me on twitter and FB or contact me thru my mobile numbers....
all items are in good condition and will come with their original shoebox, silica gel and spare tikod....
they are only 2 years old but worn maximum 3 times....
need them sold before march 5, 2012
proceeds will help a lot in my new endeavour in life chos! thanks in advance:)

COLOR: off white, SIZE:37, BRAND: Mathews(CMG group), only wore this once, suggested price is at 1000 PHP

COLOR: camel, SIZE:37 BRAND: Mathews(CMG group), only wore this twice, suggested price is at 1000 PHP

COLOR: gold, SIZE:37, BRAND: Parisian elite, only wore this thrice, suggested price is at 800 PHP

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

another S~ingle A~wareness D~ay

HAPPY HEARTS DAY! ( uhmmm belated na much nyahhahaaa) still im greeting:-p
nothing much for me...let's hope and try next year okay?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Irreconcilable differences

i always wonder why such a term or instance occur in real life…i always end up saying that there is a counter term “meet halfway” …until I came into deep thinking…it’s never easy to say goodbye…the bond and acquaintances I’ve made are not easy to cut…adding to the factor that it had been my home for 7 going 8 years…this is where I learned who I am and knew  what I wanted in life…I had my share of accomplishments and heartbreaks but I proudly say... was able to overcome...hopefully it made me a better person( kani dli ko my guest:-p) …not a day goes by that I think about not leaving… but there are things that you just need to do…let’s start with familiarity breeds boredom…not in anyway to discredit anything or anyone, on a day to day basis life has become routinary rather than extraordinary….there are new things you can learn in every aspect depending on which angle you are looking...when all 360 views had been exhausted you end up feeling consumed and is constantly seeking for new things to learn… to grow to be the better version of myself …With humility I accept and embrace my faults…I’ve worked hard to where I am and I don’t want anyone to dare claim success in behalf of my achievement…that is totally BS! I honestly want to say I’m not happy…but happiness is not an issue. It is always a choice! You can find joy in almost anything around you...well I admit there are times you want to feel sad but i wouldn't let it drown me...Over the years, I have accepted and felt love in different love for family has extended not just on my own family but to my friends as well...if i were to draw a family tree it has grown vast...i welcome anyone who comes in my life although sadly many became instinct...time taught me to let go and move laugh at my mistakes, to love someone despite their inadequacies, to respect individuality and to accept harsh i've said I'm not perfect and for sure along the way i may have intentionally or unconciously hurt some people...a number deserved it and a few victims nyahaahahaa and i humble apologize:)

my best to collate 7 years!

despite all the things mentioned, in times where I was unsure of myself, papa GOD sent instrument(s) crucial for my developtment as a woman chos! those people who have patiently stayed by my side and even walked with all my tantrums are keepers:) i have not only charged things to experience but also gained extended brothers/sistes/cousins and i will forever cherish and will be grateful a way to end this, i am not leaving because i'm not happy or i'm running away from something/someone...i just realized that i want to be the person who first stepped in cebu 7 years ago...enthusiastically fragile to what the city has in store for her...funny but i felt that i have exhausted everything...i want to be surprised and be amazed to see things fresh...i have loved the city as my adoptive home but i need a new town! who knows my search for "the one" is actually gonna happen dba? I will definitely miss places, people and events! Inspite of it all i truly love you guys suhwear! Their were moments that I was about to just give up on this plan because i genuinely wanted to be with you when you need me or i am just totally pissed off with what you did ...alam nya naman i'm always available to listen, to drink and to cry but i don't hold grudges because it causes wrinkles nyahahhaah...all of that because i sincerely wanna be part of your life during the good and bad moments... seeing you are well eases the guilt i feel pero we can always have FB, twitter or any social networking sites dba? i just need to go back to basics and I want to start fresh:) Thanks much for everything and as the popular break up line says "It's not's ME" nyahahhha....and so I rest my case on this Irreconcilable differences...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

what the year of the DRAGON brings me...

fortune, luck, success...the Chinese all have it figured out...its a 5000 years study of how the earth moves on a scientific approach and mythical legends that no one can validate ever seems like life or the earth itself is coming to a full circle...remember the famous line "everything is made in China" take really is dominantly! best example was the bonggacious 2008 Beijing summer beat that? wohhaaaaa....England must be pretty pressured right now nyahaaa:-p out of topic much? going back, i am not claiming expertise or proficiency on chinese astrology and horoscope...i am merely stating facts about my signs~ a leo born on the year of a wood's just a summary on something I can totally own and embrace.


in unison, under both signs are friendly and happy people. a person who always looks on the sunny side of life and finds it hard to think ill of others...extremely generous and loyal in nature provided appropriate its a give and take relationship...enthusiastic and will often lead and inspire others. A fixed person in a sense organized as  they see to it that things get done...extremely independent spirit and detest control or being dictated to...


the rat and dragon are allies...the dragon will be a great advisor to the rat's wisdom...since relationships are good support and help is abundant but take no credit to deepen social connections....strongly encourage to save as money luck is fair and steady... long term investments are encouraged to have satisfying results.


health luck is fair for 2012...just watch out for cardiovascular system or  any kidney diseases....


most compatible to those born under the year of the dragon and monkey...ox is a secret friend:) will also have a smooth relationship with the signs:Aries, Sagittarius and Aquarius...suggested that for this year with a series of evolvement and transformation should be able to find my match..however, will need to have some patience for a better timing of a romantic moment....

The Year of the Dragon gains momentum for Rat as things finally start to fall into place. Key elements are appreciating what you already have, and setting goals that count. What you want has to be an authentic desires, not what you think you should go for according to others expectations. Try not giving a rip what they think, to get your year of 2012 started right. The position of the Saturn and Uranus for the Leo Horoscope 2012 highlights that all your plans for which you have been working for past two years would reach its fruition.

But as they say they are mere guides to live life in peace....whatever happens choices would still be our own doing...Let me end by quoting "Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa"


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Frostbites Frozen Yogurt Cafe

in an effort to eat healthy kuno for 2012 i chanced upon this place....i was merely looking for something cold or for dessert so i have no big expectations upon entering the cafe...the usual inviting and colorful ambiance was there but i was up for a big surprise:)

first off, they don't have fixed prices...they have this self service gimmick....but don't be too happy about overloading your cup...its marketing tactics at 0.70 php per gram...may sound cheap but a small cup would actually amount to 100php minimum or best to ask the waitress:) anyway, on a happier note you get to choose from four yogurt flavors~plain/original, chocolate, ube and lychee...

2nd, the toppings are bountiful....not your usual fruits, nuts and sago...
it's every foodie addicts' delight! nyahahhaa:)

lastly, with the right combination of yogurt and toppings you'll probably end up satisfied knowing you had your dose of healthy dessert that you designed:)

please visit them at Crown 7 Building, Juan Luna Ave., Kasambagan, Cebu City 6000  or check them out thru this link:

P.S: I don't get paid posting this nyhahahaa:) I really had a good time when I was there and I can attest to the quality and service they have base on my own it's my way of promoting them:)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

PEOPLE of my 2011

i'm committed to make it yearly and so far so good! yehey! clap! clap! this begun as an inspiration from one of my favorite blogger, bianca gonzales....uhmmmm before i introduce the people who made a mark for my 2011...let me say that 2011 was again a very tough and challenging year for me! naks! when did it not? nyahahhhaa:-p this time in terms of emotional and professional stability. my maturity level was question to the edge that made me doubt some of the choices and decisions i've made but luckily no regrets yet:) i have become more accepting on harsh realities and deeply appreciated things that make life worth living:) 2011 prepared and made me envision a lot of things i wanna have, i wanna achieved and things i am yet to succeed 2012 starts i stand brave, hopeful and enthusiastic on matter what choices or challenges 2012 has for me.... i remain secured, strong, fearful yet loving knowing that there will always be people who watches my back and will continually accept me for who i am....the list is my way of showing appreciation and of letting them know that even if words get in the way most of the time i love them....cheesemaks!

MAMA and PAPA ~without a doubt! they top my list:) both will always be a source of inspiration and strength. 28 years of staying married is such a committment and a testament that marriage is for better or for worse naks! reality is no fairy tale for sure, they had bad days and breeezed through the storms still together and stronger....there differences made the partnership worked. although both are strict disciplinarians they only did what's best for each of my siblings with varying degrees of personalities and tempers nyahahaha:) in sickness and in health ~ just this year we found out that my papa had parkinson's actually broke my heart because i have always conceived my papa as indestructible...good thing mama was always by his side giving him words of encouragement...2011 was a year i spent my time and money for them:)

DDANG~ my supposed to be twin sister but was delayed in delivery nyhahhaa:) growing up felt that i can always have someone who'll be there...i never saw her as my competition or my bitter rival...i simple considered her my kapatid! i am truly proud of her even if we are polar opposites since she could be quiet but that's just how she operated...she needs a little push and encouragement on some things but we always support each other :)

MY SUPAHFWENZZZZ~ who would have thought that 4 loud and strong willed individuals could be friends? i never did! but the exception happened on this 4 amazing people who surprisingly become my best of friends and confidante on a lot of my "life events" ~ good or bad nyahhha:) we may not often get to see each other but when we do pak! catch-up stories never ends:)

THE NEWLYWEDS~ ohhhh nick lachey and jessica simpson lang ang peg? nyhahaahahaha:-p though i am certain they would end up happily after:) i originally knew jasper as a nazi team lead and i was so scared when i heard i would be under his team...turns out i totally had the best though short time under his leadership...he is a leader who shares his knowledge and knows when to be a friend chos! i was uber glad when she meet her soul mate chos! you know you always have pre-programmed thinking to be not so nice on your friends' partner but when i meet vira wow ang gaan gaan ng feeling plus points ang kapwa tsada cagayan so she really had my vote from the start nyhahaaa:) also, you'll actually know if they were meant for each other and that's how i felt when i saw both of them chos!

THE THREE STOOGES~ the trio are my current teammates...although they are not a group i decided to combine the three of them...this guys never fail to amaze and make me laugh when they are around...surely, there is more than meets the eye...they may look and act out of place most of the time but don't let that fool you...converse with them and suddenly life is A-okay and E-asy!

THE YOUNG & RESTLESS~ the duo i meet while vacationing panay island with pam...i can see so much of me in them...always eager and energetic on what life has to offer...take care my darlings and enjoy life to the fullest:) get hurt and laugh only have one life to live anyway....don't waste it on what ifs and could have beens:)

THE HEAVENLY BODIES ~ when i started out with my team it was mostly composed of men and that made me quite lonesome...alas! when this four equally gorgeous, smart and loud ladies joined the team...let's volt in ang show! moments of thunderous laughter and girlie giggles suddenly fill the floor and i'm just uber2x happy:)

ALL THE SINGA LADIES ~ i meet most of them from my previous job...well donna and badj are like sisters to me when we were in one team, jennie my alliance in our "not so ideal workplace and workmates" and roda the ever fighter of a woman :-p they are my inspiration in terms of beauty and career management chos! they all executed it with finesse despite the hassle and demands of everyday living...i hope to see yah soon gurls and i'm excited to join you nyahahaa:) seeing your success inspires and challenges me a lot:)
BLAST FROM THE PAST~  life is full of surprises and most of the time it will take just one snap of fates' finger and pak! you got to reconnect with your friends from college...i was so much awed by the Utopian aura SG had to offer and more proud to say that my friends made it there! seemed like nothing happened and just reconnected on how's life and the many travellin' we each made....again i'm super excited to join this girls nyahahaa:)
INTERNATIONAL JETSETTERS ~ both of them were part of my global trots and i couldn't ask for better company...want to travel cheap and with lotsa sponsorship? they top my list! all we have to do is wait for promo fares and then fly we go...but the best lesson you can get from them aside from wisdom and experience...."HUMILITY"  pak! i'm still not there 100% but i'm trying hard to be there...cheers to more countries and humanda ang international community! thanks for making a little girls' dream come true:)
and last but not the least!!!!!! drum rolls! 

HAILED MOST BEAUTIFUL~ just enlarge the picture and you'll know what i can i not include tita/theta...after all the turbulence and disturbance she had me adjust with her new look this year...pak! the result is slowly but surely gearing through perfection hopefully!...more pills to take but not too much tita and for sure your goals will be reached...naman dba? you can never go back nyahahhahhaa love yah tita! more pasabogs for 2012 hap!

finally done with my list...see yah all again next year( feelingera much!)...making it to my list doesn't have any prize just my way of showing my appreciation for being part of my life, for helping me grow and lastly for molding me:) let me borrow ate krissy's line~ LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! since i envisioned myself falling in love this year before the world ends nyahhaaha chos!