Wednesday, December 12, 2012


"I wish I'm just a kid. Less worries, 
sometimes none at all."

when do you say it's the end? when over is the finale? rationally, i would gather facts as many as i can to come to a conclusive decision...when my whole being is threatened and my ego had been bruised then it's high time to let go! no more explanations needed just simply drop everything and move forward...but that's the do you move now, i should have a road map on this course but i'm back to where i started. not that i am lost on what and how to step forward.

those were echoes from 15 days ago...i just reviewed all that is on draft mode and felt the strongest connection on this one. it is but fitting to end something that i started...and i sure hoped that it also happens in real life...endings to every beginnings...i can only sigh but we can choose our own endings. as crazy as how my mind goes in circus patterns this days, i am firmly planting my conviction that everything is in conclusion- no ifs no buts-just that it has closed curtains and the next play is on the works...same old me playing the lead role (but of course! this is my life nyahaaha!) and still looking for next casts to better fit vacated roles. each day is a constant battle and thankfully most days are a win! the fighter in me is pushing me to never look back, to erase vague moments of uncertainties and to thrust forward for a  brighter day. i fill out my days of thoughts that it will soon be over and sunny days are up ahead...easier said than done but to be truthful about it there are itsy bitsy leaks on this strong facade...those moments when you just wanna breakdown but you cannot because the head tells you to think long and hard that it's really not necessary...and so i drown on animosities at which i ended up on retail therapy nyahahaha:-p well a girls' gotta do what she needs to do you know :-p and as i've always say this is just temporary....i can feel and smell happiness around the corner :)

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