Tuesday, August 7, 2012


they say it's terrible two....parallel to real life maintaining 2 years of blogging is an effort and i'm proud to say that i've managed to stretch it this long nayahahaa:-p....my own personal space....where i can share my thoughts...daily dramas and challenges as my very own hero and antagonist....where i share my adventures,  tips on how to get cheap treats at reasonable prices....this is where i open myself so people can see the real me:) the good...the bad and the not so ugly nyahahha:)

eng...eng to celebrate 2 years...in 2 sentences explain the best song that you feel best describes your relationship/connection to me......you can email your entry at paulinemaecincoaloyon@gmail.com with subject format song title+explanation and  deadline will be august 31, 2012 at 11:59PM Philippine time....and as for the best entry i will be giving away CK one perfume:) for PH based entries will make arrangement(s) as how to send your prizes...ohhh by the way winning entry will be choosen by random.org nayahhaaa:-p who knows it could be your lucky day!