Wednesday, December 19, 2012

today i am officially an OFW paper wise nyahahaahaha :-p although was a bit disappointed to have to wait on queue but nevertheless, i got what i came for so clap! clap! only to have my heartbeat racing with a warning from my coworker that our "lolo" went hell again  and was taken out on him. i actually felt bad but he took the bullet for me and i owe him one big time...promise i'll make it up someday LOL! so here i am all alone on the closing shift trying to bury myself on work related productivity stuff i have already finished hours ago. i actually am efficient in more ways than you can see. i may look timid, slow and irritating but that's just what i want to project since you want me to be that way...let's just say i'll just surprise you one day :) or i simply just wanna feed your dislike...either way i find it amusing. and so here i am staring on my monitor visiting all corners of my mind to rack out things i wanna share and it all boils down to what boring hours can do to me. i feel everything is heightened at it's peak.  my annoyance to one person, my inside telling me to drop by and say hi to one person who is halfway around the world, my not so clear work pass extension, the how the final sequence of my "naudlot" love affair would end, the how to celebrate Christmas and the homecoming in 9 days. you see this is the classic me, i once dated a guy who told me about this ages ago that i always think and over the edge if he may add an adjective. but i can't help me. this is how i was brought up. to think...well i may be emotional that's normal since i am still a girl but i always make sense out of things no matter how insignificant they become in the long run. so i am yawning counting the last 30 minutes before i press log out! with thoughts of when will K ask me for coffee nyahahaha hopefully soon before the world ends :) 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

over hot coffee

i've been trying to visit slumber land for the last 5 hours but i'm on a could be the booze or coffee but i really cannot will my eyes to here i am doing one thing that never fails...i really don't have any topic in mind just that a thought visited me...with flu and sneezing nonstop i suddenly cannot stop thinking about "M." how it would be nice to finally sit and talk to him face to face once again.i meet him about 2 years ago while vacationing on a picturesque island  and i have to say i never felt so connected to a person before he came. oh well i can always carry a conversation (i don't mean to brag suhwear!)  that's a given... but he was the only guy that can really go with the pace as i was in. it's like meeting your soul mate but you don't have any romantic can talk anything under the sun. we basically know how to respond and finish sentences without even meaning to. we had so much to talk and so little time. nevertheless, we made the most out of it and it was one thing in my life i would never ever regret. to know that someone halfway across the world gets you. days, weeks, months and years passed and we have moved on to our lives. oh yes! we are social network connected but our lives went as how we would live it. i continued chasing my dreams and achieved most of it (ohh dba? feeler much)...suddenly out of boredom and at that moment on an emotional turmoil, i saw the green light beside his name...i tried to stop myself but just went with what the heck?!?!!!? i simply said what anyone would...a hello, smiley and the dumb how's life...i ran to the pantry to get my daily dose of coffee, never expecting an echo of answer and my ged! to my surprise there he was...the exchange would have been brief if it was just another person but we quickly jump from how we have been, to our professional lives, to the olympics and chili wings and so heart was rapidly beating that nothing changed from 2 years ago. we still have that "connection" and that made my day. i am not pinning on any romantic route or feeling lovey dovey about the whole thing...but it amazes me that you can have someone like that in your life. with the one day we had together and with what happened between us we can still be who we are without assumptions or looking at each other with indifference . from the start what really drew me was his transparency and zest for life...something that i never found with any guy i meet and dated (char! as if there were too many nho?) they may appear limpid at the beginning and one with the 21st century way of thinking... but the chauvinistic man ego always prevails...the need to conquer...the need to be superior over women. sad but true, we still have double standards maybe because we let it...tsk...tsk...tsk...entirely out of topic...going back, we have been communicating as of late and everytime it's always something refreshing...there is always that feeling of excitement on our everyday adventure no matter how little it doesn't need to be always constantly in touch...just finding comfort on the thought that he is out there...maybe for  a good distraction or a reminder for me that such a person exist in my life...not necessarily a lover nor the chummiest of friend rather someone you would love to chat over hot coffee :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


"I wish I'm just a kid. Less worries, 
sometimes none at all."

when do you say it's the end? when over is the finale? rationally, i would gather facts as many as i can to come to a conclusive decision...when my whole being is threatened and my ego had been bruised then it's high time to let go! no more explanations needed just simply drop everything and move forward...but that's the do you move now, i should have a road map on this course but i'm back to where i started. not that i am lost on what and how to step forward.

those were echoes from 15 days ago...i just reviewed all that is on draft mode and felt the strongest connection on this one. it is but fitting to end something that i started...and i sure hoped that it also happens in real life...endings to every beginnings...i can only sigh but we can choose our own endings. as crazy as how my mind goes in circus patterns this days, i am firmly planting my conviction that everything is in conclusion- no ifs no buts-just that it has closed curtains and the next play is on the works...same old me playing the lead role (but of course! this is my life nyahaaha!) and still looking for next casts to better fit vacated roles. each day is a constant battle and thankfully most days are a win! the fighter in me is pushing me to never look back, to erase vague moments of uncertainties and to thrust forward for a  brighter day. i fill out my days of thoughts that it will soon be over and sunny days are up ahead...easier said than done but to be truthful about it there are itsy bitsy leaks on this strong facade...those moments when you just wanna breakdown but you cannot because the head tells you to think long and hard that it's really not necessary...and so i drown on animosities at which i ended up on retail therapy nyahahaha:-p well a girls' gotta do what she needs to do you know :-p and as i've always say this is just temporary....i can feel and smell happiness around the corner :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

this will be the last of it...i hope!

they say the first step to letting go is acceptance...memories are bittersweet tortures but you have to continue pushing was a heavy feeling retracing the very places i once walked with the person i have almost considered to be part of my life maybe for forever. but there i am treading them as if heavy chains were strapped on each feet. i tried to keep my composure on the spot where once a person waited and looked at me like i was the only person in the world...i have to say i miss that but controlled myself of whatever emotion was gonna happen...talking aloud in my mind that it would never happen again :( so i kept  going... towards the streets where i was protectively held amongst  passing cars and buses...i was thinking of finally finding comfort when i entered the church but looking at the pews we once sat my heart just wanna stop beating for a moment and just walk out and find solace elsewhere. but i stood there reminding myself that i am here because i need to talk to the one person who knows entirely what are my heart's desire... i thought of it as a test on how far i'm willing to go to face HIM...i found relief knowing that despite my pain, my confusion and my many doubts someone up there has the greatest and best laid plans for me and that whatever I'm feeling right now is just temporary....just a little bend on the round to make me stronger and wiser the next time i turn on this corner..probably gathering a team of heavenly beings ensuring that my well deserved happy ending is gonna happen... 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


i stumbled upon an article about hating a person who have hurt you....made me think twice about reading the content but on the first sentence alone i stopped....uhmmm...hating is such a strong and powerful wrong and it doesn't validate any thing...yes you've been hurt, betrayed or whatever  but hating them for that will not make the pain you feel lesser. it will just magnify whatever it is you are feeling...that could then lead to self pity, guilt or something. i suggest instead rather than focusing on destroying the person why not treat them with kindness and know that in this way they will see you as a person mature enough to accept that things don't end up as intended. plus you get to show them it's their loss letting you go but that's just minor compared to feeling better. it takes time i know! i've been that road multiple times and over and over it just felt right not to say or hate while you're at that feeling...just let time heal whatever you feel or is need to repair...just have faith that after every storm is a rainbow! char!  good vibes! good thoughts! good life! 

Monday, December 3, 2012


early saturday morning and listening to taylor's new album red...i'm not a big fan of hers but her honesty on her songs draws me to listen to her  aside from the obvious reason that i can relate nayahhaa:-p ohh well at this very moment (meaning it could change anytime or will no longer hold true when you read this) i am so breathing the song "i almost do" if there was a music video my current life episode is the perfect clip in my own point of view only hap :-p....i've been looping the song for the nth time just plainly listening and taking courage from it...convincing myself, reciting aloud at the back of my mind " i can do this!" "i am strong!" a tear is about to fall it suddenly stopped before it dropped...does this mean i'm turning into an ice queen? i hope not to the point where i'll have none to give for the "someone"....still praying for it....on top of all the things i have constantly prayed the meantime while on commercial break i will wallow on the lines

And I just want to tell you
It takes everything in me not to call you
And I wish I could run to you
And I hope you know that
Everytime I don’t,
I almost do, I almost do

I bet you think I either moved on or hate you
‘Cause each time you reach out there’s no reply
I bet it never, ever occurred to you that I can’t say hello to you
And risk another goodbye

We made quite a mess, babe
It’s probably better off this way
And I confess, babe
That in my dreams you’re touching my face
And asking me if I want to try again with you
And I almost do

i wanna say it's sad but i wholeheartedly know it isn''s probably for the best since someone made the decision on my behalf without having the courage and courtesy to ask me...hahayz...tsk...tsk...tsk...and that is un-called for :)