Tuesday, December 4, 2012


i stumbled upon an article about hating a person who have hurt you....made me think twice about reading the content but on the first sentence alone i stopped....uhmmm...hating is such a strong and powerful wrong and it doesn't validate any thing...yes you've been hurt, betrayed or whatever  but hating them for that will not make the pain you feel lesser. it will just magnify whatever it is you are feeling...that could then lead to self pity, guilt or something. i suggest instead rather than focusing on destroying the person why not treat them with kindness and know that in this way they will see you as a person mature enough to accept that things don't end up as intended. plus you get to show them it's their loss letting you go but that's just minor compared to feeling better. it takes time i know! i've been that road multiple times and over and over it just felt right not to say or hate while you're at that feeling...just let time heal whatever you feel or is need to repair...just have faith that after every storm is a rainbow! char!  good vibes! good thoughts! good life! 

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