Saturday, December 18, 2010

life is a series of always come in pairs like black and white,the yin and yang, good and evil and so on and so forth...this contrasting yet harmonious effect they have are spices that make life interesting...i am in a bit having a vacation hangover from my last trip...i'm a bit surprise on how random things can just happen out of the blue...suddenly the fun needed to have an abrupt ending...bittersweet in a sense but as always no regrets...what i'm actually trying to point out is whenever we have good things happening it is always coupled with something in return. i have always been happy with the way life has been and i couldn't complain how it turned out. however, i've been happier in fact consider it happiest so far returning from the trip. meeting people is one interest i have ever since i can remember but some of them just leave a special memory and place on my book of life  nyahahahaa:) please don't quote it as a romantic statement because it never is to begin with...just plainly interested partly envious on the adventure they are having...hahayz....:)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

quesera sera

i admit i am one of the most gullible person that goes in hand in hand with my happy go lucky persona and at times it has worked to my advantage...i'm certainly not trying to be pa-cute when i'm being naive...that's just how i am and a lot of things can catch my curiosity oftentimes endangering myself so i have developed a tough fascade over the years but to the core i'm just a regular girl that melts from time to time...i just came back from a vacation to one of my local dream destinations~PALAWAN! to rate it is by far the most memorable break i had granting that i get to explore a lot of myself and be on-site one of the world's natural wonders:)...every destination is different in terms of reason why i went there, was there and could be happy,sad or just neutral state...i delight on the opportunity to meet people from different walks of life and culture...there is much to learn and feels good to talk to someone who is/are very different from what i believe and know and the good thing about being on vacation is that you don't argue or outdo each other you just listen and flash smiles:) nyahahaa:-p this time though i am a bit envious on the new friends i they can give up work and travel...GOD! i wish i can do the same but reality bites...i don't have finances like them so i work so i can travel...i don't complain i mean i can and cannot at the same time no matter how crazy it sounds...but it won't hurt to wish a little right? nyahaa:-p anyway, to end my post i've never felt so good and open about myself...thanks to this trip!...until my next destination...quesera sera:)