Wednesday, October 3, 2012


and so with netizins buzzing about the cybercrime law back in pinas their is a different buzz stinging on my head as of late...ohhhh well i already told my friends and most probably dropped hints on my status. you see for the past 2 weeks and counting i've been crushing (ohhh dba highschool lng ang peg!) on someone from the workplace. i know...i know i said i would never but again i am exempted since this is my cyber corner and as i always say i can't help it nayahaahaha:) i may sound like a stalker but with stress i probably need to have a little inspiration and someone to look forward while i work diba? so don't hate me nah please. it's just that sometimes a simple hello could brighten my day and makes me wonder could there be more than just the exchange of pleasantries...dba feelingera much? nayahaha:-p but honestly, i'm liking the guy because of his being simple and harmless demeanor...mahirap nang loud ang personality for both nakakalerkki nayhha:-p so let's see what happen in could be happy...could be just nothing..who knows...who can tell so...stay tuned!