Tuesday, June 26, 2012


i am having this eureka thing and i just need to vent it out....oh well work has been stressful...i wish i could say in a good way but lately it has been overwhelmingly stressful...everyday has been like walking on egg shells and i feel that everything i say or do is closely studied/ridiculed into microscopic proportions....but then again i am still thankful and still on the point where i can't complain....not yet! who knows maybe in months time everything should be easy and breezy....the road to become better had never been easy...no shortcuts! so i am taking everything as a challenge that i have to survive and eventually triumph...but that's not what this entry is all about..as they say it's all in the mind...whatever state we are in if our mind can perceive and endure then it always has its effect...i just recalled a time in my life and a lot of this coming from facts that i am just starting to piece together not to mend nor closure but just to get to the bottom of everything once and for all...i am certainly looking forward to the day when the person involved could muster the courage to face me not to say sorry (i believe we are so pass that stage!) but to iron out some things....as i've said i'm in a happy place now but a part of me still wanted to believe that the said person still has the innate good nature:) the biggest blooper of it all is the paranoia that everyone was plotting behind my back and wishing all evil things to happen for me when in fact they just didn't care pak! nayahahahhaa a big slap on my face so to speak but again i'll just stick to "charge it to experience"....what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger diba according to mareng kelly nyahahaaa:)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

"happy ever after"

during my not so busy moments at work i am hooked on the series "once upon a time"...the series focuses on what happens after the "happy ever after" ending of our fairy tales and answers questions such as why the evil queen became evil and give us a more human perspective of our favorite fairy tale characters....like us they too encountered moments of doubts, weakness and above all their world went round and round because of LOVE...take note even the evil queen did before good girl gone bad happened spoiler much nah? nayahhahaha:) so in short this post is all about love to the core...it's not that i am in love hap! not yet! i'm just taking things lightly after a very abrupt lifestyle and status change chos! i'm in a state where i'm grasping new things and seeing things with fresh eyes... ever wonder if you google "what is the meaning of love?" you will have gazillion results....that's because it can be defined depending on how a person sees it on the objective level and on how a person feels about it in a given moment...many have been in a wonder how love can be a driving force for our source of happiness and deepest sadness...i too don't have the answer but i can safely say been there and back...despite getting bruised over and over and swearing never to open up your heart or promising the next time you'll be wiser...but when a new opportunity opens up we ride into it hoping that it would be better than the previous one and just maybe it could end up on your own "happy ever after"...or in some cases knowing that someone you once loved dearly had his/her happy ending makes all the pain worth it....that's exactly how i feel right now:) thanks papa GOD for making me feel this way:) so work on my happy ending already hap? nyahhhaaa:-p