Thursday, December 29, 2011

MY 2011 LOOK

i hope i didn't do bad for 2011....i'm super excited for 2012!!!!

and of course watch out for the people who made my 2011....
desirable, memorable, bearable and unforgettable :) chos!

it's the year of the DRAGON...let's all hope for wonderful fortunes ahead of us:)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


it's the longest celebration for Filipinos! surely busy days are up ahead:) as much as I'd like to be very festive this holiday....i can't help but think of those who suffered due to typhoon Sendong:(...good thing my family is well and okay pero sensitive naman ako sa mga always my prayers for quick recovery and healing:)...on a happier are pics to infect a little holiday cheers nyahahhaa:)


after all the meetings and semi arguments....
this is our VICTORY BFAST!
i can feel CHRISTmas already!

thanks to my nak angel for the angry bird mug and
amegah ika for the piglet snow globe and it's all in YELLOW!!!!
wrapped gifts are for my family:) my way of saying THANKS!

CHRISTMAS are for KIDS! even REEL KIDS nyahhaaaa:)

Christmas season always bring out the happiness in us! Despite major differences and heavy seemed like everyone turns 360 degrees to be extra good during this season! This just proves the theory that sometimes to be HAPPY...all you need to do is think HAPPY! and of course... got a greeting from someone I truly and deeply like for Christmas so this just concludes the MERRIEST Christmas nyahahhaaa:-p hopefully to be continued nah for 2012.....

Friday, December 23, 2011

after hearing a surprising twist of fate i scribbled keywords that would and hopefully will put things in perspective.....

meaning of this?
should i feel elated?
feelingera much?
answered prayer?

they say it's a small world...pero dapat bang maging ganito ko small ang world for us? i'll try to clear my head for now....tsk..tsk...i'm staying true to my mantra less words...less hurt...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


almost a week before Christmas....flash flood hits my hometown cagayan de oro city and nearby iligan....i was very much busy setting up happy event for Christmas...when I saw a friend's status at facebook and it alarmed me!!!! I immediately called my mom and thank GOD they are all made me watched news since I have good friends in CDO and majority of them are okay but to those who are mourning my deepest condolence and my prayers will always include the victims:( to all the kind hearted citizens  who reads my blog (chos! as if nho?) please do send your may click on the links below...a little help will go a long way:) thanks in advance:) Merry CHRISTmas!

Friday, December 16, 2011


before the fever runs's my post regarding the recently concluded TSC All Star Year Ender!!!!! to begin, a very loud and thunderous clap to all the event organizers, aheemmmmm that includes yours truly! nyahahahaaa, for another successful party...the same people from summer sizzle united chos! to come up with an epic year ender! heavy build up! since it was the second time, we felt we already had everything covered but wait! to our dismay we stumbled upon  some minor crisis...the company will not allow us to have it on MO2 since they couldn't as of the moment have the place accredited...tension and heads flared as to where is venue for plan B...i was at a point where i couldn't and didn't know how i can face and tell the madlang people that the venue would be training rooms 1-3 dba? after all the hypes dli ka malerrrki? but thanks to our ever supportive boss noe who probably moved heaven and earth we got the thumbs up! yipee! to have a focal point on the said event we all agreed to have the mr and ms party rock..aside from having the participants cheer for their is also one way to encourage them to come to the event...planning for the production sounded easy but due to different geos we barely practiced...come to a point where people had high blood pressure but constantly reminded where's the fun in that....fortunately! it all worked out well :) again kudos to the organizers! i would love to work with all of you again but then let's see what 2012 has in store for us :) meanwhile here are some pictures for the party!!!! let me quote ms karla on this "TSC is F-U-N!" nyahahhahahaa:-p

that's me on the wall of fame with my fellow stars kuno!

the candidates for mr&ms party rock! ,SW's bets~juanma and angel
 and us showing 100% support!

that's pre prod! 15 mins before showtime!, the crowd going wild for juanma
 and finally the organizers but where's ed????

hats and shoes off!!!!!! the real party started here!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


eating has always been one of my favorite thing...uhmmm probably it tops all of my favorites! nyahhahaaa:) it's best shared when you are with the people who matters and means a lot...i think you wouldn't enjoy eating itself if you hate the people/person involve anyway...right? take a look at the food and people nyaahhhaa:)

dinner @ roma mia after shopping at nolocs and before watching breaking dawn part1

lunchdate with kapatid @ pizza hut after a very stressful workday!

my new favorite! persian palatte! thanks to jasper and vira :)

the long waited lunch and zubuchon with my bestfriend honey:)