Wednesday, August 31, 2011


"It’s so hard to believe how much can change in a year. This time 
last year things were completely different. I was completely different."

i think i've heard or used those lines before but couldn't put a finger as to where , what and how. moving forward, before my fav month ends here are a few things i realized uhmmmm maybe just this week to be exact. totally, basing it on the people and events happening around me. they are simple truths that i ignored but only recently it just slaps you and dismissing it is not an option. it's a mix of joyous and painful truths but then anything goes in my place:)

*leave something out for myself ~ i used to think that being an open book would make life easier. anyway, who cares if people will judge me base on my action i was quick to respond "they have no idea". looking back at it now, it was a very childish reply. it maybe true that people had no idea on the real deal but that didn't gave me the right to act as if no one is watching. there should always be a room for authoritative and watchful eyes and no matter how much you hate to stay still then you must at times out of respect even if it's the last thing you want to do. I am a very trusting person, when i meet someone i make no assumptions, "unless by accident informed of a bad behavior", everybody gets a clean slate on my terms and i honestly and naively trust you do the same. hiding skeletons in my closet is not something i can live with but on recent years i have carefully choosen people to show off those poisons and as years passed i should keep reminding myself to be most careful on who to trust even if they were trustworthy in the past. maybe listen to them but be forewarned and open to the possibility they can always hurt you.

*people will always disappoint you ~ i am not perfect and i am guilty on this as well and i guess for this case all is fair. i've heard that even your bestest and closest friends will fail most of your greatest expectations. on multitude times, you will have to learn to forgive them of their shortcomings and eventually work things from there. you either have the option to be wise about it or sadly cut the line. you also have moments when you need to play it by ear and wait how things will turn out.

*learn not to care and be a better person~ in life, certain person(s) will out of nowhere forget what you were in their lives or suddenly change without explanation. you will neither receive warning or explanation but life still goes on for both parties. as human as you are, your pride will get the best of your emotion. you think of ways to strike back or shout unfairness on all corners but it's best to keep mum about it. wait for the whole chaos to flame out then simmer. when all perspective are taken objectively, decide what's the best approach. if you feel you have your hand on the issue then with all humility apologize. if apology is not enough for vindication then be modest and respectful of their choice. try to move forward, maybe hurt and hate a little but choose to be the better person.

*unconditional love~ despite your imperfection, bad attitude, and incurable habits a few will accept and embrace those inadequacies. naturally, they are your family but there are some who will turn out to qualify the rank in that level of acceptance. they are people worth keeping, trusting and respecting. it's heartbreaking that of the many people you meet, merely a handful are close to that level of accepting. you have the feeling they have or might but best to reserve a little doubt since majority are just temporarily and technically present for free passes. on a happy note, you don't live for those people. you laud your existence to those who consistently bear and take you for just who you are.

those 4 are elementary things that you often read about or was persistently reminded over the years... you are equipped to know them yet you need constant reminder or experience them to know how they leave an impact on you as a person. :) and this is life! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! CHOS!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

PAU speaks:)

i was expecting high returns but unfortunately only 5 people submitted questions...i guess people were thinking i wasn't serious but well here are the questions and the winner announced at the bottom part of the entry...i had a hard time answering on all 5 nyahhaaa:)
**What makes you special to the extent that until now you're still not married?
Special is a strong word nyhahaa! Let’s just use the word non-conformist .I don’t view marriage as a requirement or something that you do at a certain age. For me, marriage is a 100% commitment emotionally, physically and spiritually. On those 3 I am still uncertain on what level I’m in…until then I am staying single nyahahha!

from Templa, Pamela Kristie

**Isa rgyud ako question nimo geng….Kung maganda ka, sang banda?????????? Nyahahaha

Wow! Ang hirap naman nito…it’s highly subjective:) not sure if it covers the tangible and intangible assets. Physically? It’s on the eye of the beholder chos!


**Of all the lessons you've learned through your journey in this thing we call life.. which is the most important/valuable lesson you've learned?

When all else fails you only have faith to survive! Faith in God that everything will work out and faith in yourself that you can wither the storm thrown at you. There were times when I was at a point of giving up. It looked like everything was downhill motion. Apart from family support I have to give credit to believing that someone up there is designing better things for me.

from whackie

**anong pangalan ng taong nagpapatibok ng puso mo ngayon? chos.
Mala lenka naman my heart skips a bit ang drama chos! At this moment, there is no one making my heart leap like crazy and excited. I’m on factory reset-Single! Nyahahaa:-p but you are referring to the post then no other than the guy I meet in palawan( shodi  na name dropping! Alam mo na nah the who?) For the explanation na much but to clear things kay murag confusing naman dba? I said you na talaga because he had the qualities of someone I am looking for… intellectual and street smart. Is not afraid if I dare speak my mind out loud. No pretensions for him just as is lang. More of he sees through the facial thing. And of course, you cannot deny he is good looking uist dba? Unfortunately, even if he has all the qualities I would want to be in a partner at this time we are not on the same boat. Commitment is such a big issue for me. I cannot even trust myself on this one nyahahaa:-p Let’s still pray for the best for now!

from josh via text message

**What’s the greatest failure that you can consider in your 27 years of existence? If given the chance would you rather not commit that mistake or would you still want to commit that mistake?

Greatest failure? Over the years, I find it hard to admit one because the word “failure” is such a strong adjective and it may connote a different reaction/meaning to the person(s) or event(s) involved. Let’s just say that I always wear my heart on my sleeves and on most occasions it has worked against me. Let’s state the very obvious, I always fail on keeping a relationship/making the person stay/making the relationship work (kana dli friendship hap! Luckily, I am okay on that department). I cannot blame the person(s) totally because there are things beyond our control so blame it on right timing nyahahaaa:-p I cannot also consider it’s the wrong person because people who come into our lives were meant to be there for us to grow and learn. On the question if given a chance, why make life difficult when you can always have a choice to correct your so-called failure. When a much better opportunity arises then it means you were given a chance to redeem yourself so make sure you focus on redemption!

as announced my sister will choose the winning question...and she picked (drum rolls!) eunar's question for the simple reason that she also wants to know the answer ...runners-up are eurice and then josh! so clap! clap to eenot and see yah on September 24:) see posters and print ads for details!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


it has come and passed again! another year of existence and surely new endeavors to conquer! hopefully less personal demons to defeat! this year i opted to celebrate my day with the 3 people I loved with all my heart and I know loves me back unconditionally~ mama,papa and my kapatid ddang! it was a very wholesome family affair. we just went to bantayan island to chill and relax. no city noise just sea breeze:) my way of showing my appreciation to them chos! nevertheless, i thank  the people who greeted me via text and FB wall post. there were a number of familiar names and some new ones of which i am truly truly grateful. you are all part of my life, maybe a witness to my dark side or took a deeper glimpse of what's inside me~ the reel and real facets of my personality. we have shared tons of tears both for joyous occasions and lonesome moments but more importantly the memories we shared allowed me to grow and believe that life is good! Indeed it is! Oh's easier said than living it but i feel and know it is! A little bump, a few challenges and a gazillion mistakes spiced up life! nyaks! again, muchos gracias! i may not mention your names here but you know who you are so self clap! clap!

***BDAY Q&A winner to be announced soon! Very dissapointing number of entries though...
cguro you're thinking joke! joke! but well see***

***BDAY pics posted soon too...i don't have a camera for now so
I'm waiting for my parents to post it nyayhahaa:)****

Thursday, August 18, 2011


ever occurred a moment when you felt that you found the "ONE"? it absolutely does! like, it just happened to me nyaks! and i'm sure eyebrows will raise coupled with "na naman?" nyhahahaa:-p this is different suhwear! for one, i never dated him... imagine the plot likely similar to that of before sunset:-p it's like the moment you first meet everything was a hit, then you felt as if you knew him long enough for both of you to open up your mind and talk of things under the sun. could be birthday jitters giving me this exhilarating feeling but in all honesty i may have said a lot of times that i'm in love but only now have i declared that "you are the one!" chos! speaking of one....congrats to me!!!! my blogspot is already a year old:) clap! clap!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ang babae sa septic tank

i am no expert when it comes to doing a critic...i am highly influenced by reviews given by cinema goers, if the movie is based on a novel i read and if the cast is an actor/actress i just love to watch onscreen. for example, if its bea-lloydie team-up that's a no fail for me nyhahhahaa:-p those that are award winning or those written with worthy scripts are left to be watched on my DVD player. It's my own way to escape reality or just be on a state of no thinking mode. When its pitch black I can express myself to the highest possible state of laughing or crying...kevs! even if they look at me with convicting glances they won't be able to remember my face when the show ends nyahahahaa:) And so, last Saturday along with Pam I watched "Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank" ( was the first time i watched an indie film and i wasn't disappointed! It can be considered a movie within a movie. The issues presented were real life conditions and how far ideals can take you to achieve perfection. Reading this entry would seem like the movie has a very heavy treatment but it's the exact opposite...oh well the first 5-10 minutes was boring but moving forward you can't help but laugh hysterically! I also admire how the core story can be told from the perspective of the director, producer, musical and from the lead actress. Warning! The next lines are spoilers! There are 3 things i find unforgettable about the film (1) The switching of who will play the lead character...of course we all know it was Eugene Domingo but there were doubts from direk if she was fit for the role and so in consideration were Mercedes Cabral and Cherry Pie Picache (2) Ate Uge's superb acting! Only she can deliver the line "Scene na may frontal nudity... check!Sexy scene na may penetration... check na check!Gagawin ko lahat, wag nyo naman ako palusungin sa tae!" (3) Lastly, of course the septic tank scene! no more explanation needed just as is! You won't even know that the movie has ended...kinda bitin but it was an appropriate ending! I'm definitely gonna be excited for the next  cinemalaya! Kudos to Filipino indie film making!

Friday, August 5, 2011


i've been running this idea for the past month as i was trying to shake my mind on what to write that's birthday worthy..last year was 26 things and it would be boring to have it 27 things for this year dba? corniks na much!!!! nyahahha:-p so here it goes...i am sending this message to all of my friends, social networking friends,office mates,family and those considered loved ones to ask me any questions you've been itching to ask for the longest time or just out of curiosity. no format but deadline will be before august 21,2011 at 11:59PM Philippine time (just so we are clear hap!). you can send it thru  any of my emails  or text me about it! i promise to answer most of them as mush as i can, as truthfully as i can and as cleverly as my mind would allow me nyahhaa:) if the question is too sensitive (like it involves name droppings or borderline offensive) i might give an answer personally or opted to stay quiet about it:) chos! all answers will be posted here by the 1st week of september. here's the catch! i'll treat 1 person to a resto of choice @ ayala terraces by september 24, 2011. it's not a date hap! this is my way of sharing and giving back. as for how the winner is choosen...i'll have my sister ddang randomly pick a question and whoever owns that will win! LIKI rah nho? nyahahahahha:) pinaka final na! dinner treat is only good for cebu based people:-p outside cebu can be negotiated!:-p