Wednesday, December 19, 2012

today i am officially an OFW paper wise nyahahaahaha :-p although was a bit disappointed to have to wait on queue but nevertheless, i got what i came for so clap! clap! only to have my heartbeat racing with a warning from my coworker that our "lolo" went hell again  and was taken out on him. i actually felt bad but he took the bullet for me and i owe him one big time...promise i'll make it up someday LOL! so here i am all alone on the closing shift trying to bury myself on work related productivity stuff i have already finished hours ago. i actually am efficient in more ways than you can see. i may look timid, slow and irritating but that's just what i want to project since you want me to be that way...let's just say i'll just surprise you one day :) or i simply just wanna feed your dislike...either way i find it amusing. and so here i am staring on my monitor visiting all corners of my mind to rack out things i wanna share and it all boils down to what boring hours can do to me. i feel everything is heightened at it's peak.  my annoyance to one person, my inside telling me to drop by and say hi to one person who is halfway around the world, my not so clear work pass extension, the how the final sequence of my "naudlot" love affair would end, the how to celebrate Christmas and the homecoming in 9 days. you see this is the classic me, i once dated a guy who told me about this ages ago that i always think and over the edge if he may add an adjective. but i can't help me. this is how i was brought up. to think...well i may be emotional that's normal since i am still a girl but i always make sense out of things no matter how insignificant they become in the long run. so i am yawning counting the last 30 minutes before i press log out! with thoughts of when will K ask me for coffee nyahahaha hopefully soon before the world ends :) 

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