Sunday, March 18, 2012

it's been a life changing and teeth clenching week for me....i am not yet in the state of desperation...i mean it's too early to tell but i'm preparing for those days mentally and emotionally...considering financially as well...nyahhahaa:-p they say when you want to make your dreams a reality you gotta chase it! that's exactly what i am doing right now....but nobody told me it would be difficult not in a sense that i'm hopeless but in a way where my comfort zone is totally detached from where i i miss my family, my conversation with my kapatid ddang and to top it all i am now missing inun-unan...ohhh dba? early morning drama...must be the dizzying silence but true enough i'm having those moments...on the other side, i'm super grateful for my SG friends who were very accommodating and provided valuable tips....i am super happy to meet and talk to them in the i waited for two years for this to happen and it's just overwhelming....i'll keep this entry short and i'll try to keep you posted....i am only inviting good things....happy Sunday:)