Thursday, July 28, 2011


can't help feelin' "KILIG" when i get to communicate with my EX-es (EX kachar2x lng hap!) to mention those that i am friends with (just so we are clear hap! nyahaha). Not the type of kilig when we were together but the type that puts a smile on your face:) More like the smile you have when you see an old friend but is beyond they say once you allowed a person to be in your heart, they will always be there no matter what happens. charot! As always, I can't stop myself from over analyzing as to why such phenomena occurs so I'll just base it from my own experience(s) kuno nyaks! (1) it was a childish feeling ~ when we were younger our choices would be 99.9% base on looks dba? i can remember when the butterfly hairstyle was the "In" thing all those who had the hairdo were automatic crush ng bayan nyahahaha:) not to mention the hip hop craze and the boyband affections  nyhahhaa guilty nho? (2)comfortable with the being friends ~ the world as you both view it was much more at peace and clearer without the commitment thing rather you have a new allegiance to a different path that is much more smooth sailing. It ends with acceptance that both of you would be better at this new team up! This is pass the letting go stage...all is well stage cguro nho? (3) not meant to be ~as a much as we ignore the fact that there are forces beyond our control well there is actually one! There is no scientific or logical reason behind it. Similar to the way we fervently pray to papa God and breathe the air we cannot see. The signs are there but most of the time we fail to notice even the most obvious because we are blinded by our feeling. charot! that's all for me and a disclaimer it may not be true for all! i just want to share since I'm happy and i am feeling "KILIG" while i write this entry :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

today is a great day to be a FILIPINO!

that's how i felt after reading Pnoy's 2nd State of the Nation Address:) it's not that I wasn't before, but if your country constantly tops the most corrupt not in Asia but world wide then at times you couldn't help but be envious on those who didn't dba? Sadly, truth be told corruption is anywhere and everywhere! Here are key points I am happy after reading the SONA: 

1. It's in Filipino ~ on the day he was inaugurated he always made sure that we start using our national language and one of his first step is to have all radio stations play at least 3 Filipino songs in an hour. We all know that English is the universal language and as a citizen of the world we should know how to speak it. However, when it comes to national pride then we should start using our own. I'm not saying we stop honing our English skills since that will always be an point is we can be globally competitive without throwing our identity.

2. Pnoy always calling us his big Bosses ~ it doesn't happen everyday when the highest authority calls you his boss right? nyhahahaa:) As a voting Filipino it sounded like he really meant it when he said during his inauguration that he is bent on serving the people.
3.Vision for a well paid and equipped Armed Forces~ i grew up living near a military camp and i have friends who are sons/daughters of soldiers.i saw with my own eyes how only top officials get to enjoy the high life while the low ranking ones unceasingly fight for us to be safe within our territories. i am also, well aware how outdated our war equipments. When news of turmoil over Spratly Islands surfaced I couldn't help feeling helpless and was seriously considering learning how to speak Chinese just in case nyhahaa:) I also believe that we have a number of honest and good soldiers similar to saying that there are a handful of good people versus the evil ones. As I say it, no one is born evil to the core...circumstances and experiences will push as to moments where we need to choose the lesser evil. Men in uniform are at times forced to be corrupted because they literally get nothing for being honest and hardworking.On his recent SONA, Pnoy made it clear that they will be compensated fairly plus housing programs. He also mentioned upgrading our wartime equipments.This will certainly be a source of national pride-knowing we can be protected.That is promising and I hope it will not stay that way :)

4. Slowly but surely mantra on fighting corruption ~they say when you wholeheartedly want something the universe will conspire for you to have it. It all starts with the mindset then envision the goal. We have corruption because we inherited them from our predecessors. Corruption is alive because we feed it among us. We are corrupted because we think we can never go away or live without it. That mentally should be stopped and the Pnoy administration made us aware that everyone should be involved on the changes we want. The administration clearly get rid of the wang2x mentality. He reminded us that  the law stated this privilege is only entitled for the President, the Vice President, the Senate President, the Speaker, the Chief Justice, and police vehicles, fire trucks, and ambulances to use sirens in the fulfillment of their official duties—no one else. Unfortunately, in the past this privileges is extended to family members and allies. He constantly reminded us that public servants shouldn't act as King. He also mentioned things that have been inherited issues from previous government but this time with a solution in mind or at work:(1)lessen poverty with Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (2)open job opportunities that match the skills needed of companies (3) possible cheap energy source. Issues that we once talked about and deemed unsolvable. Again, it is promising and I hope it will not stay that way :)

To partially end: "Let us end the culture of negativism; let us uplift our fellow Filipinos at every opportunity. Why are there people who enjoy finding fault in our country, who find it so hard—as though it were a sin—to say something nice? Can we even remember the last time we praised a fellow Filipino?...Let us stop pulling our fellow man down. Let us put an end to our crab mentality. Let us make the effort to recognize the good that is being done." This is the part where I truly applauded Pnoy! I agree and support him on this one. In fact I share the same sentiment:) He treats us his bosses but he also never fails to call our attention in helping him achieve the winds of change:)

In honor of praising, I stopped minding about S.O.N.A for almost six years due to very obvious reasons that they are full of crap and adjustments to professional and personal life. When I was in highschool I was updated on every SONA since my Social Classes professor Mr. Francisco made sure we read it for our exam. I told yah I was a nerd nyahhahaa:) At first, it was just to pass the quizzes but it later on developed into a habit. I have to thanked 2 people on this SONA rebirth fiasco. First, Mr. Gregorio Francisco who was a terror teacher ~his so-called "terrorism" was due to the fact that he wants us to learn and to not just be aware of what is happening in the society but know that we are part of it. Finally, as much as I didn't vote for him I thank Pnoy for bringing back my enthusiasm into  the SONA fiasco nyahha:) hopefully my renewed faith on SONA will bring forth a good result not just in me but the whole nation. Naks! My geek said just overpowered me nyahaaa:)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

to whom it may concern...

 **DISCLAIMER: This is not an original. I copied it from a friend who also copied it from somewhere. The intent of the entry is purely for comic relief. If the words or description mentioned below fits you then...then....let me know nyahhahaa:)**

Dear Future Boyfriend,

I have come across many nice guys, all of them gorgeous in their own ways; but like you, I am still searching. I don't think it will be too hard because I don't really demand much - after all, I am not looking for Mr. Perfect, Just Mr. Right.

Physically, you can be the simplest guy in the room, but there has to be that something about you that I find charming. It would be nice, of course, if you have a positive attitude and an interesting personality. I hope you can be supportive of the things I do and the things and people that are important to me.

It will be great if you can make me laugh. There are no dull moments with someone who I know is funny. I want our relationship to be filled with excitement and surprises; nothing stagnant, not "just okay." One of my weaknesses is the sweetness of someone. If you can find a way to cheer me up after a long, bad day; that would really make me feel good.

Another thing you should know: I believe the best relationships always start from friendship. I want to be able to talk to you, be silly with you, be able to hang with you, be myself with you. I want you to value the "friend" part of being my boyfriend. I also want us to be able to share each other's lives, our families and our friends. I don't want everything to be just about the two of us.

Despite everything I've mentioned, I want to make it clear that I don't want you to change anything about yourself just to please me. A relationship will last only if we accept the good and bad things about each other. Losing your identity and turning into someone completely different is not necessary. Relax, I already like you, and I like you for who you truly are. I am looking forward to meeting you, and I know that one of these days, I will. I trust that we’ll find each other soon, and when that time comes, I know you’ll prove to me that you were definitely worth the wait.

Your future girlfriend,

Pauline Mae Cinco Aloyon:-p

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

sweet dreams?!!!?

when your dream becomes a reality but slightly altered? should you laugh about it? as i write this i have the DG song in mind "keep dreaming...keep dreaming...DREAMGURLZZZ" to the tune of bleeding love. we all know that most of the time we don't remember any of it once we wake up and those that we remember we find the people and place peculiar. more like the people in your dreams don't usually hang out or belong to the same click and the places of origin are super super odd:-p any thoughts? what I'm trying to say is dreams could be bridges that links us to the dreamworld...they mirror facts that we face on a day to day basis...they reflect on the actions that we would've made when we didn't and lastly, dreams could be your inner conscience telling you to do something about unfinished business! char! but please forgive me since i can't stop myself from smiling,grinning or whatever on my dream! nyahahaa:-p sweet dreams kuno?!?!?!?!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

VULNERABLE (vul.ner.a.ble)

Dictionary defines it as: (1) susceptible to physical or emotional injury.(2)capable of being physically or emotionally wounded or hurt. (3) open to temptation, persuasion, censure, etc. Just one word that without us knowing can leave a devastating impact. I had this topic in mind since I was caught off guard with this word a lot of times. It usually happens after episodes of emotional distress. Just to be clear I am not experiencing any of that right now emotionally! A friend of mine, recently had a very stressful decision to make and he was anxious most of the time as to and if the conclusion would come to a happy ending. To occupy his thoughts, he went to an unlimited drinking spree. The next day, confronted by a friend  with "i know what you did last night" of which he completely has no memory.Another friend of mine, knows she has to move on but when a time comes for her seeing his ex she plunges into the vulnerability stage again. I don't blame them! When it comes to relationships no one is a sure winner. I should know right?nyahahahaa:) Going back to the topic, this is what makes us human. Knowing that we get hurt and when that happens we tend to break the walls of standards we set. Not that we need  to sink down to the lowest level of morality, what I'm trying to say is instead of using it to completely bury ourselves it would be high time to open up on this moments of vulnerability to something new. Re-position and re-think paths we need to cross, explore new adventures and meet inspiring characters. Instead of painting vulnerability in a bad light why not change it. Opening yourself to something new won't hurt as long as you don't get lost. And as I say it, continue the quest for the meaning of your life and along the way find fulfillment.