Wednesday, February 29, 2012


all shoes below are for sale since i won't be able to bring them to SG:)
please PM me on twitter and FB or contact me thru my mobile numbers....
all items are in good condition and will come with their original shoebox, silica gel and spare tikod....
they are only 2 years old but worn maximum 3 times....
need them sold before march 5, 2012
proceeds will help a lot in my new endeavour in life chos! thanks in advance:)

COLOR: off white, SIZE:37, BRAND: Mathews(CMG group), only wore this once, suggested price is at 1000 PHP

COLOR: camel, SIZE:37 BRAND: Mathews(CMG group), only wore this twice, suggested price is at 1000 PHP

COLOR: gold, SIZE:37, BRAND: Parisian elite, only wore this thrice, suggested price is at 800 PHP

COLOR: black, SIZE:38, BRAND: Mathews(CMG group), only wore this twicw, suggested price is at 1000 PHP

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

another S~ingle A~wareness D~ay

HAPPY HEARTS DAY! ( uhmmm belated na much nyahhahaaa) still im greeting:-p
nothing much for me...let's hope and try next year okay?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Irreconcilable differences

i always wonder why such a term or instance occur in real life…i always end up saying that there is a counter term “meet halfway” …until I came into deep thinking…it’s never easy to say goodbye…the bond and acquaintances I’ve made are not easy to cut…adding to the factor that it had been my home for 7 going 8 years…this is where I learned who I am and knew  what I wanted in life…I had my share of accomplishments and heartbreaks but I proudly say... was able to overcome...hopefully it made me a better person( kani dli ko my guest:-p) …not a day goes by that I think about not leaving… but there are things that you just need to do…let’s start with familiarity breeds boredom…not in anyway to discredit anything or anyone, on a day to day basis life has become routinary rather than extraordinary….there are new things you can learn in every aspect depending on which angle you are looking...when all 360 views had been exhausted you end up feeling consumed and is constantly seeking for new things to learn… to grow to be the better version of myself …With humility I accept and embrace my faults…I’ve worked hard to where I am and I don’t want anyone to dare claim success in behalf of my achievement…that is totally BS! I honestly want to say I’m not happy…but happiness is not an issue. It is always a choice! You can find joy in almost anything around you...well I admit there are times you want to feel sad but i wouldn't let it drown me...Over the years, I have accepted and felt love in different love for family has extended not just on my own family but to my friends as well...if i were to draw a family tree it has grown vast...i welcome anyone who comes in my life although sadly many became instinct...time taught me to let go and move laugh at my mistakes, to love someone despite their inadequacies, to respect individuality and to accept harsh i've said I'm not perfect and for sure along the way i may have intentionally or unconciously hurt some people...a number deserved it and a few victims nyahaahahaa and i humble apologize:)

my best to collate 7 years!

despite all the things mentioned, in times where I was unsure of myself, papa GOD sent instrument(s) crucial for my developtment as a woman chos! those people who have patiently stayed by my side and even walked with all my tantrums are keepers:) i have not only charged things to experience but also gained extended brothers/sistes/cousins and i will forever cherish and will be grateful a way to end this, i am not leaving because i'm not happy or i'm running away from something/someone...i just realized that i want to be the person who first stepped in cebu 7 years ago...enthusiastically fragile to what the city has in store for her...funny but i felt that i have exhausted everything...i want to be surprised and be amazed to see things fresh...i have loved the city as my adoptive home but i need a new town! who knows my search for "the one" is actually gonna happen dba? I will definitely miss places, people and events! Inspite of it all i truly love you guys suhwear! Their were moments that I was about to just give up on this plan because i genuinely wanted to be with you when you need me or i am just totally pissed off with what you did ...alam nya naman i'm always available to listen, to drink and to cry but i don't hold grudges because it causes wrinkles nyahahhaah...all of that because i sincerely wanna be part of your life during the good and bad moments... seeing you are well eases the guilt i feel pero we can always have FB, twitter or any social networking sites dba? i just need to go back to basics and I want to start fresh:) Thanks much for everything and as the popular break up line says "It's not's ME" nyahahhha....and so I rest my case on this Irreconcilable differences...