Friday, November 26, 2010


i admit that i haven't been blogging like i used to..not because i don't have time nor my mind just closing out on creative fact i've been meaning to blog a lot of things like little things and micro ideas that will suddenly just pop out of nowhere...but i have come into maturity on things to open up because most of the time they were triggered by things that irrated me or left me unaffected in it's safe to say when they are published to the public in went through a lot of thinking nyahahaaa:-p 

today is thanksgiving day in US and for the past 6 years i had come to embrace it  as part of the many many Filipino holidays i celebrate and of course the obvious reasons almost no call shift nyhahaaa:-p but this year is extra special since it's also my sister's bday (ddang) so all the more reason to party! nyahahhahaa:-p plus i get to organize with jejen and junelyn our birthday surprise for our team leads brian and clyde complete with balloons, banner and uber2x if you can see me will see me in a big grin of smile painted all over my's kinda like early Christmas for today nyahahhaa:-p 

the cold breeze is finally here...and without a doubt Christmas is around the corner...certainly not something i can deny anymore nyahahaa:-p i don't hate Christmas just that over the years I longed to be with my family and have the Christmas noche buena mama prepares...God I miss having a normal life as in my Cagayan life! drama echoszzz mode again!...normal is a word that i never associate myself with eversince...the choice i made are never normal but nevertheless it never ended without it got me into thinking that dramas are what's normal for me nyahahhaa:-p contradicting and out of topic again! nyahhaaaa:-p going back, with the season being loving and happy in theme i'll try hardest to bring it into my life especially sa work kahit stress na stress na ako...i guess thanksgiving is for us to remember the things that we have to be grateful...things we have and things that we love...HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

just when i was about to give up...

oh well...i may have blogged earlier than expected regarding missed chances but i guess it's safe to say that i was given a chance just last weekend...all i asked was a chance to say my piece and I did and I am the happiest girl in the world nyahahhaaa:-p it's not that its officially official...i mean not yet but at least i know we stand on the same ground...babalik na naman ako sa complications in life theory...but come to think of it those complications are what makes life worthwhile and exciting...let's just say they spice up life! char! or maybe my life was never designed to be normal at all...i know there will be no assurance of this step i'm taking but i never felt this way for a long felt so good that i can't stop smiling...isn't that what's important? although i have to take my heart with caution but i now will get it to work with my head so balance is much as i hate to be patient i have to for now i'm crossing my fingers and keeping my faith on something like this....:)

Thursday, November 4, 2010


"Some things are just never meant to be, no matter how much we wish they were." 

in my life there had been a lot of times where i have been slapped in my face that there are  things that cannot matter how hard you work or pray for it ...the only consolation  you can probably have is that you've tried and fought for it the best way you could...well it got me into thinking what if you have missed an opportunity just right in front your eyes would it have the same impact? to be honest, i don't have the right words to answer or even describe it. let's just say i've been busy with a lot of things and deeply obsessed on getting my goals that i failed to notice someone who clearly was asking for my whole was just all i have to do is focus on him and then i can be his world...i don't know if what i'm feeling right now is due to the fact that i feel guilty but who could blame me i couldn't see past our could also be because i just got so scared and numb from all the broken promises that i blocked out anyone who truthfully show they that i hear how he can care so much i am a bit jealous....because i know that i can never in my life get the chance to show it to, we pretend that we are total strangers but would always bump into our circles and i just hate the fact that i cannot even talk to him or him to look into my eyes...i'm not asking for too much...all i'm asking is for a CHANCE...who knows what fate holds for us but as of the moment i truly and wholeheartedly MISS him...:( the thought of me not trying just kills GOD please give me that chance:( nakow! mgdrama pa nang todo! listening to the only exception now! :-p