Wednesday, November 16, 2011


i am fortunate to again be out of the country and lucky to purchase a promo fare! nyaks! win-win combo! i love travellin' takes me to something that i really love that doesn't require a lot of effort...just pack and then go! go! uhmmmm it's not that it's mindless since when you travel you also need to have presence of mind on how the people behave and what the culture exhibits are you are also on a 360 degree look out on some conspicuous looking citizen...aminin! it's always gonna be there so i make sure to be extra careful... i don't have the intention to compare or even sound like i negatively criticize felepenz but here are some things we can probably learn or emulate from our neighbourhood....

-TRANSPORTATION ~ it covers air, sea and land... fresh on my mind is the tag to our NAIA 1 as the worse airport so it made me formulate questions "what made other aiports from neighboring asian countries excel and what can we do to improve our own?" priority is to have a clean and safe airport. sadly, even our own international airport in mactan needs a little renovation...u know a little boast to appeal more "international" far, iloilo international airport is the best i've been and seen. plus, they offer shuttle service for 50php from airport to the the city. like in SG and KL the transit service is available from airport to the city... it is convenient, fast and comfortable. i dream of the day when we will have a railway system from airport/seaport to the heart of cebu city. also noted, is how even SG's budget terminal and KL's LCCT represent there country. admit it! first impressions lasts! i suggest we do the same even on our domestic terminals...when we touchdown,  the regions' culture should be felt the minute we set foot on it. it is also one way to effectively advertise what we have to offer but still within the scope that we are "PHILIPPINES" lng ang 1 malaysia dba? to add, efficient transport system is key to achieving progress...i suggest we have trains and buses that only stops on designated areas :)

-PEOPLE ~ we are known to speak english at its best than the rest of asia but the thing we lack is our pride that we are "FILIPINOS and our country is PHILIPPINES" ... it may be due to the fact that we were colonized for years...we have the mentality we are always oppressed and less. even after colonizers left and gave us our freedom, our minds are still bonded on the notion that we are inferior...personally, there are moments i feel i am... not because of our quality as a Filipino but because of the things we do that shame us for being a should perhaps start with mere fact that we love being a Filipino! unconditionally loving the good and bad things that sum us up being a Filipino...second, reflect on the things that could disgrace or belittle us Filipinos...instead of glorifying our evil traits let's try to highlight what we do best in a positive note... what i'm trying to point out is there will always be undesirable traits on each culture but we should make it a point to put intense emphasis on the characteristics that will let us move forward...therefore bringing a culture of one proud FILIPINO! clap! clap!

-TOURISM PACKAGING ~ it is everything! land area wise and talent wise! certainly there is no doubt we are massive and overflowing but we need to wrap it into something that's uniquely authentic...WOW PHILIPPINES was a good start but what we need to do is a follow-up on what is really the wow factor...we can always say we have the nicest beaches and the friendliest people but do we live up to it? how can tourist enjoy the beautiful sceneries and dive into our history if we do not let them? aside from the government actively promoting our country plus  giving incentives... individually, we should also put to heart to take care of the foreign visitors and show Filipino genuine hospitality... i have heard horrible stories from robbery and  fooled to pay more than the usual rate....(singit slight, i even had this experience where i was asked to pay more! take note! i am on my own land hap?!?!?!?1) that is super unacceptable! we should plan long term dba? the better image we project the more tourist visits....the end result? income! money!  that's what we want right?

on a lighter note, i am blessed to be among company of friends who understands my needs and temper all through out the trip...the tour would have been expensive but since I have friends on both places i have to say they've helped a lot nyhahaaa:) i've said and expressed my gratitude multiple times and rest assured when it will be my time to pay it forward then guaranteed nah nyahahhaa:-p...before i end, maybe it's safe to say i love my country and i am truly proud to be a Filipino but if a better opportunity comes along then i certainly wouldn't pass that chance :) in God's time!

Friday, November 11, 2011

It's been 2 days and I still can't shake off the holiday fever! nyahahaha:) will post my KL/SG tour soon....uhmmm as soon as I'm back to reality!