Saturday, November 17, 2012

a woman's worth

on  a hang up from last night's hot yoga, steam bath and viva mexico dinner and now addicted to why men love bitches is a good way to wake up on a Saturday morning. it's a relief knowing that come next week it will be hell week because of the IT show...just taking things as they come despite things not so looking up...that is in my perspective. a funny thing dawned on me last doesn't take a lot to feel complete. as long as my family and friends are with me then why worry...yah! yah! maybe from time to time a disturbance may come but the very least welcome it!  the important thing is never bending who you are and decreasing your value as a woman. how can we stand firm on our need for equality if we allow ourselves to depreciate? ill end this piece from the book "As a person, you feel you are complete with him or without him. This is the most important thing you can convey:independence rather than dependence. This is what gives him the perception you can hold your own."

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dangerous Liaisons

in life we come to a moment where we just simply take a leap of faith....without clarity as fleeting as the moment pass we grab it...not because it's the right thing but because it just feels too good to let it go. people will wonder and maybe pass judgement at a may or may not have the answers right away but subconsciously you now deep within you that sometimes you stretch the boundary up to its fullest just have to keep in mind that once you've reached saturation point you need to be sure that you have yourself saved....keep the faith! always trust in God's plan :) He knows what's best for us!