Sunday, September 23, 2012

press PAUSE then PLAY

for the nth time i am hearing my thoughts speaking to me to the loudest possible pitch my sense of hearing can's a weekend and worse F1 weekend and i'm here at my room doing L word on my forehead with blinking lights flashing i know ryt???? nyahahaha:-p the thing is i don't fact i love fleeting moments...alone time is me time. it helps me see things straight and clearer. suddenly those clouds that hover and threaten to rain anytime soon suddenly faded. it's a known fact that their are episodes of life that we can't seem to find the  answers we are looking for. not that we are searching for answers, it's just that versions may vary and maybe at lost as to which one to believe. a part of us wants to cling on the good things but the skeptic and rational reality pulls our feet and violently slaps a hundredfold with "hey! you gotta move forward gurl!" most of the time i think we really do! comfortably treading the point of no turning back but at a certain point something makes you stop for awhile. and in those moment pause taunting thoughts start to hunt you and everything you said before all sounds ridiculous and thrown at the window nayahhaa:-p many of us constantly trek on this halted period. believe me i've seen and know a lot of them.i don't really have the answer as to why this phenomena occurs but i guess the safest answer would be because of mountain height of unfinished business...maybe as you move forward, a memory still lingers of the good times despite the nasty outcome. the intermission break makes you appreciate the significantly good things that has happen to you along the way. either you let this halt time take you to step forward or rewind to retrace your pace is not an indicator if you are making the right or wrong move...let's say it's any one's gamble. after all we are all given free will to judge as we see fit on what's good or the cassette recorder we can always press PAUSE then PLAY:)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single move forward and reach a destination...considering that roadblocks may come along the way....doubts that may shake the very core of who you are. everything starts with a  dream then taking the next level into reality. but it never stops's just half of the journey....

been on  hiatus with no decent post to share...the only thing i'm bent on achieving is to share my survival my mind there were numerous versions, edited and written 'til i realized not one of them materialized ahaahahaha....nobody made a manual guide on what would happen in between reaching your one warned that it could have an altering effect mentally and emotionally for the most part...almost everyone skipped this part and moved to the happy ending but i couldn't blame them i've said no diagram was ever created. each experience is unique to one...maybe some similarities but never 100% the an effort to shed at least a little help on this so called journey i have listed 5 things you must be prepared to deal with and it starts with...

  • plan - this is different from the planning mentioned above...this happens after the initial "planning" is over. on this stage you will usually envision routes as to which way to take and be warned that whatever you choose it starts with hard then harder and finally  hardest...easy way is not an think of ways how to be competitive at the same time avoid being over confident. normally you advertise on your strongest qualities and make your weaker attributes still work to your advantage. even on those turn downs always ask for feedback how to improve the next time and then start planning again nyahhaa:) changing your game plan often won't hurt.
  • connect - on this one it requires a lot of flexibility...throw away the mentality that you never want to see or be seen with certain people...regardless of personal prejudices of which the most part was purely produced by hearsay it pays to associate yourself with people who already made it to the finish line. it doesn't mean you have to be learn from them and take note of pointers on how to succeed...i have been in the company of good and fun loving people that i've never imagined getting along but if i let my personal indifference rule me then i can certainly say i would've never made it!
  • adjust - new place, new environment, new game face....everything is "new"... a little of  professional experience,  educational qualification and luck is a perfect formula to start with...the end game is how well you sell yourself and summon everything you've learned during the go sees/interview...and one more thing the "english" you have been accustomed is not the acceptable "english" nyahahha:) forget the slangs and idioms...simplicity is a winning strategy nayhahaa:)
  • adapt - all time favorite tag line "nobody is perfect" can be stated above everything is brand and the people you are with may get along well during the planning stage but as you spend time almost 24/7 true colors start to get to see the bad habits that you never saw when you were on thagay and videoke sessions...funny but it's already called a relationship and pity things start to irritate it's all up to the individuals involved if they sink on those moments of crisis or swim back together ashore:)
  • faith - you feel that on everything, you already gave your best shot and still the goal you have carefully crafted is not going along your estimated start asking questions and doubt yourself...especially when almost everyone had reached their goals and you feel left out. you always say to yourself will i ever make it? it's valid to grope on those sentiments but do not ever let it defeat you. go back to the first step and start asking did i achieve what i came for? if the answer is capital "NO" then keep fighting! papa God has planned everything according to His timeline...while waiting,  pray for courage and strength to continue the quest...if it's His will... thy will be done!