Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

"A person isn't born with the intelligence to be with someone especial, you learn it, and you fail in the path of life, but you don't have to give up the chance to love."- Gael Garcia Bernal 

kalokah!!!! nyhahaaaL:-p i'll keep this in mind from now on...pwamizzz!!!! they say finding someone is a journey not just for finding the half that makes you whole rather making you whole along the when you finally meet you are both may have twist and turns but you will both find your way back...nyaks!!!! quezo real overload!!!! nyahahhaa:-p

Thursday, August 26, 2010

breaking up is hard to do...

on a usual tuesday shift jejen was asking how to make basted a guy...uhhmmmm i felt she asked the wrong person so i just answered with the cliche "honesty is still the best policy"...she responded with "covered honesty" (murag hallortz!!! li nana honesty dba? nyahaaa:-p)...the chat continues and ended up with is it like breaking up?..i earnestly said "YES!"...and she then posed a question i couldn't even answer base on experience (so hindi ako credible na endorser! nyaks!)...and walahhhh thus the initiation of the post...medyo interesting topic and relate-able nho?...pasensiya nah medyo feeling intellectual ang approach ko sa topic as I never get to break up with lotsa guys...there was only one and it's not 100% categorized break-up pah kay hindi naman naging officially us nyahhaaaa....ayyyy ambot uist...enjoy na lang my blahhh..blahhhh...

let's start with when is the breaking point or how do you know this is the moment...all the more what made you decide to end things?...i can't help but relate experiences from my friends and my own as well...medyo mix2x nah lamang para dili are possible scenarios that could lead to the event and tips...nakow! tips lang yan hap nyahahaa:)

majority would say that it starts when small conflicts and petty things become major issues. after the honeymoon stage ends, you get too familiar with each other making couples feel see during the lovey dovey stage you are into the getting to know stage and both of you wouldn't want to discourage or make the wrong impression so you are always walking on egg shells trying to look pleasant...once, the monsters hiding behind the fascade starts to surface bang! the vavayerzzz starts...pero dapat when you love the person you have to accept his/her flaws...if you couldn't fathom mistakes from your partner then it wasn't love after was just only looked on the physical and you would like that image preserved short you're not being realistic...2nd in rank, the love fades away...they say it's like you wake up one morning and the feeling went away...paakkk!!! pwede diay nah?...maybe to some it holds true...i had my own experience on this friend just felt one day that her boyfriend felt distant and cold...i felt so sorry for my friend and i so hated the guy up until now point is my friend deserves to know what's not a demand it's for simple respect na lang sa individual...lastly, the against all odds real life the excitement it brings is uber2x....pamati superstar ang show movies, the love team always wins but in real life i doubt it...what i'm trying to say is when it's love everything should be smooth's not just the pair who felt the love but the people around them as well...dba?

as such in conclusion, as the song suggest it is really hard to do...but with all scenarios given kahit mag-iba man ang casting it still boils down to honesty to the shell it is about respect...ending something that is special is not easy...with tearful goodbyes it makes us loose our mind and it kinda lessens our self-esteem for a time...let me quote something "it's not the break up that hurts the's the post-trauma that follows's like..starting your life over and over again and you have no idea where to begin." it's the de-association that comes with the both started a life together and getting it out of you system takes they say time heals all long that each his own i guess...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"What is one big mistake that you've made in your life 
and what did you do to make it right?"

in a country that worships beauty queens we all want to have a say on what could be a better response...we can't help with our if only' what if you were in her shoes (isama mo ang pressure and nervous factor hap!) could you have answered the question right and bring home the crown?...nyahahhaaa...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the WHY's and WHAT's

first, i'd like to apologize for my behavior last sunday...i'm not a was just that someone totally pissed me off...all my closest friends would understand that when i'm already all set for something (laag,bakasyon or unsa paman na sabot2x..kana mag set2x expectation)and on the 11th hour cancelled i get violent (nyahahaa:-p) just so happened i was online, changed my status and got some of my friends worried...parang all at once 5 pipz were chatting me on the spot with the same question...since my life is an open book i'll answer the why's and what's surrounding the event that lead to a sudden change of mood...i'm done venting ..i'm now sharing my frustration (KSP lng jowd nyahahaa:-p)...this is the last and only time i'm gonna talk about it publicly (feeler na kris!)....

for the record, i'm not seeing someone exclusively but sa candidates naa man jowd early favorites (anah na lamang ang status:-p)...this someone is a blast from the past that i never expected...i was even shock on the whole pacute2x/flirting thing with him because i can only see him as a friend...i find it weird the first time but i had feeling even way back  there was something but i disregard the whole scenario because at that time i was into someone (that ended japon hhayz nakow..!!!)anyway, going back to regular was the usual lazy sunday...since i was all alone i went into the cafe to upload pictures from my birthday and also to say my thanks to the many many people who greeted me...kana normal lang jowd nakow na state...suddenly out of nowhere may ngtext...clap2x nakow because it was from him...i was in a hurry loading the pictures because he told me he was gonna come visit...excited mode nakow syempre...then suddenly i received a message saying he won't be able to make it...hay nakow to my dismay...i mean i could have just let it pass but there were follow up messages saying he'd love to come but reasons kuno...out of irritation and annoyance i replied "if ganahan kah moanhi then ari...wala man kow namugos nimo..ikaw man magsulti2x moari kah then ikaw rapod mobawi..ayaw pangayo pasensiya kay vegah rah nakow"...paak!!!

lesson of the story....there are things that are as good as it gets...i mean from the start i kept saying i had no feelings for him but  from friends encouraging me left and right  to give it a chance i was to a point converted...sino ba naman ako para humindi sa attention na ibibigay sakin dba? as my kuya jeph would say it "wag kang choosy!" nyahaaa....boys will always be boys...and i should live by my words "isa lamang syang kekz until further notice"'s funny saying it but when it happens to real life its more like a tragic comedy waiting to be unfold...i just kept on sighing with the words "hahayz "thundering inside my head...but then must go on...and then again my quest for life (maisingit na ang search for  the one) continues...stay tuned....

Monday, August 23, 2010


i whine about a lot of things...i should be thankful that i have a job...many people out there are desperate to have one...a policeman hostaged chinese nationals to fight for his GOD!...i get him but resorting to violence is a big NO-NO...may his soul rest in peace and so with the victims...i pray for HEALING...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

i know that YOU are not good for me...YOU have the same pattern from the past...YOU were supposed to stay my friend...YOU please stop doing things that flatter me...YOU were there at my weakest moment...grrrr!!!i'm so weak...i can't help it...i hate it...i just need YOU...:(


i am very very thankful to all who greeted and remembered my outmost gratitude to my family, dreamgurlzzs,supahfwenzzz,paak gurlzzz, vegah gurlz, pretty girls, labandera beauties,higschool and college classmates, CVG pipz, etel pipz and lexmark software team for my semi surprise cake and pancit...above all thanks papa GOD for 26 years of blessings...all things in this world are easier,bearable and happiest when the simplest of things are given~ true friendship,unconditional love from family and unwavering faith in GOD...listed below are the people who greeted me..those i failed to tally i'm sorry i must have missed sa dami ba naman nang nag greet but nevertheless i still say thank you and the list is not in order or importance:-p

edmatz,dory,ate KC, SW team,jabez,pam,harbot,kendrea,mommy vrang,rennan,
veve lloyd,aicha,ronita,errol,badjoy,drex,poppie,vaughn,tl guen,karyo,dominic embodo,june-ann,ms rose,boyeng,farrah,jade,jaz feliza,
koyah ram,frankie,lele,ailz,donna,plong,rowe ann,roda,dario,ela,mommy pau
shantel,ms francia, mulo,juneth,arianne,lia,yagi, alex,ynez,princess.josh,honey,jasper,vira,mark domingo,ate aicha,master,kulot,mikay,endai,yuya kash,teh ging,veve kulot,kuya jeph,tita fiel,teh jugz,mikko,yeal,julius cezar,mylene,sen,julibeth,tobias,jennifer patlunag,beryl,peachy, maieen,rose,jenny dizon,felssie,misty ann,ethel,arthur,yvette,daisy jane

Saturday, August 21, 2010


one sleepless afternoon..which rarely happens and only happens when my brain is itching for something to write. everything written is random meaning it just poured out.i was even giddy on the idea that this post will be unique but when i saw similar posting from bianca (feeling close hap! nyahahahaa) i rested my case on the "unique" thing but nevertheless here are still 26 random facts or things that i believe about my life...i hope you'll enjoy and won't mind the long post nyahhaaa:)

1. LOVE~haven't had much luck on this area but i remain optimistic...he could just be stranded somewhere looking for me too nyahahaa:)

2.FRIENDS~many people feel that i choose my friends. TRUE! but don't take it the wrong way. I choose my friends not because of status or beauty (although dapat lng man sad nyahhaa) but because of influence they have on my life. Most of them were with me through the worsest days and we've manage to grow up and learn together. In fact, I only have a few I can really call my "TRUE FRIENDS".

3.FAMILY~i never appreciated my family back in CDO. character and value formation begins at home. although, my parents were strict they have molded me to be the best person that I can be. Now that i am an island away from them i totally miss the pangasaba and the noise of my sisters. As they say, when worse comes to worse your family will always be there for their unconditional love. That I am truly truly thankful..

4. TRAVELLING & ADVENTURE~as far as i can remember I have always wanted to travel...when we were kids i am always happy when we visit relatives in cebu and tacloban and summer in camiguin....i envy my mom's business trips and she would always remind me to finish school so i can go places..the family vacation sparked the travel enthusiast in me and  my mom's words served as an inspiration. so it wasn't much of a surprise when i had my first job i started visiting the neighboring islands then expanded to luzon and then further to HK and Macau:) but that's just the start of things to come...humanda ang world! nyahhaa:-p..i love adventure-in varying forms since im a curious cat nyahahaa:-p the thrill of not knowing where you are ,being unknown and lost  and the sudden rush excites knees get weak and at times almost at my wits end especially when i ride scary rides but I just have this mind set "I'm here nah! so gow nah!"...the experience captured or not is worth it!

6. PICTURES~i love pictures taken in the crowd aka turista mode:) makes you feel you're one of them regardless of color, race and status. gives us the fair share of just being there walking amongst the crowd.  when we walked amongst the crowded streets we are all equal. a good testament to this is the sinulog festival where we all walk the streets.

7.SCARY THOUGHTS~when i'm scared i close my eyes and pray. remember, when we were young, elder people (a.k.a yaya and sometimes our parents)...would always scare us of aswangs and company when we misbehave nyahahaa:) on the other hand they would always remind us  to pray and I can still hear me chanting angel of GOD. After 26 years, i sill make it a point to pray not because of fictional aswangs and company but of real life demons that continue to challenge me.

8.SADNESS~ I do get sad sometimes i just perfected the art of hiding it behind my laughs. being heartbroken is a given and no need to further elaborate (marami na akong blog na nagawa nyan nyhahaaa!)...i get sad after my leave ends and i have to leave home...i get sad when my younger siisters are giving my parents a hard time...i get sad when my mom calls and someone is sick..i get sad when my family and friends are hurt and just recently i was sad because some of my friends left pinas to work overseas:(

9.DREAMGURLZZZ~ they are the best travelling companions I've meet( so far hap!) after my family. majority of my trips always include at least one or if not all of the dreamgurlzzz casting...they are one of my truest and bestest friends...our trips may it be out of the blue or planned it always ends with a blast and stories to last a lifetime.

10.HONEY & JOSH~ surprisingly two of my bestest were  once inhabitants of the city of golden friendship but our paths never crossed until we stepped into the queen city of the south:)..that just proves the theory na bilog ang mundo...who knows those who hate me now will end up being my friend in the far future..i can't wait! nyahahaa:>

11. THE ONE~ on finding and meeting him uhmmm...i have to say that if it's bound to happen it will happen nyahahaa:) I don't go for looks though bonus if naa:-p it's more of the personality and me being challenge intellectually...and of course the never ending walang kamatayang GOD fearing, honest and higit sa lahat mamahalin ang parents and esp my friends...he should be able to accept them  regardless how out of the ordinary they maybe and won't make derogatory remarks on the lifestyle they have...'yon lang hindi ako masyadong demanding sa lagay na 'yan! nayahaa:-p

12. SHOPPING~ i find therapy in buying groceries and shopping. Aside from the fact that it makes me feel all grown-up it also test me from temptations on the "wants" and "needs"...but my biggest guilt is splurging on shoes and bags nyahahaa:-p

13. TRUTH~ i'm a believer of "the truth will set you free"...when i ask with all honesty i expect  a truthful and honest answer....i mean what's the point of sugarcoating things...when i feel you deserve to know something then i hope people will take it constructively...i do get a lot of that from time to time and it hurts to know the truth that's a's how you handle it afterwards. afterall, everything people say against you always has basis so just respect it and work on it :) to end this, the more lies you create the more it gets confusing when trapped on your web of lies...

14.CRY BABY~i cry when i got angry and frustrated...rare moments i keep quiet...moments that i need space...i suggest not to talk to me and wait for me to start a conversation or else you'll see hell unleashed nyahhaa:)...

15. JOURNEY~along my journey in life a lot of people have hurt me on purpose (sako pamati nyaks!)...some of them call themselves my friend, some made me question myself and the most painful part is promising to be there forever and then left (woosh! invisible mode paakkkk!!!)...but i still have the heart to forgive them and always remind myself that karma strikes when you least expect it...on the brighter side, i am thankful for people who remained true and gave me a chance to prove myself and tried to see the real will always be an inspiration and i continue to smile because of you folks :)

16. JOLOGS~i maybe maarte looking and speaking most of the time but deep down I am such a JOLOGS like all Filipino..i do watch tagalog movies and I get hooked to soap operas..huwag nang hypocrite ang iba jan! nyahaa:-p I even have a vcd collection of ate shawie's good old 80's classic nyahahaa:-p

17. LOYALTY~ apart from honesty you can also count in my loyalty. I will defend to death my family and friends. I always look out of their best watch out and be warned! paaakkkk!

18. THE OC~when i set myself on achieving something i get OC borderline mean to myself just to achieve my goal.

19. WISE WORDS~ my mom and my sister constantly remind me not to trust people easily...i can't explain but that's just who I am..most of the time they are right but i just can't help it...

20. GOODNESS~i believe in the goodness deep inside all of us.there is always an explanation on how we act and respond to everything. i refuse to believe that someone is born evil to the core...keep in mind we are all created by GOD in HIS own image right?

21.HEROES~ my parents are my life heroes...i can't imagine how they raised 5 individuals with varying personalities. gosh! they made it look easy...that alone is 5 star....hell! i can't even imagine raising myself nyahaa:-p

22.CHOICES~i am a pro-choice person. i believe that life is about choices...some choices we make  aren't so perfect but it always help in growing up...just be sure not to loose yourself when faced with difficult choices...if you can't see yourself long term in that choice then get out the soonest...the high you get is only temporary i assure you...

23.INSECURITIES~ we all have our insecurities...we aren't barbie dolls molded in plastics...but i have learned that insecurities aren't deficiencies but are areas for development...i was not born with the perfect looks, straight and white teeth,  all the more the perfect body and porcelain skin but there is always a way to improve or at least compensate for that...first learn to embrace and love yourself and everything for the physical thing we can always exercise not to have a sexy body but to live healthy nyahaaaha:) for my skin already had my warts removed and for my teeth visited the dentist to have it fixed by the end of the year nyahahaa:)

24. FOR THE LOVE OF OTHERS~ i am extremely happy for my friends happiness and success...there maybe times i don't agree on the choices they make but gow fab pa rin as long as they are happy. I am double2x happy when i see and feel they make the right choices (but sino ba naman ako? nayhahahaaha ako2x raman nah...) and i keep my mouth shut or just have no say when i feel its spiral going downhill but I always always stand by their choices as long as they still need or consider me a friend nyaks!

25. REALITY~ over the years, i realized true friends are those that stay even after long moments of not communicating or after heavy arguments. A catch up coffee, chat, text, phone call or unsa paman every once in awhile will do. It's the feeling of assurance that no matter what happens they are just there always ready to listen and damayan kah nyahahaa:-p

26. FAITH~GOD is the director of our life and all we have to do is submit to HIS will. In HIS time all things our heart and soul aspire will be done...whatever difficulties I encounter though at times I may feel lost but GOD sent instruments for me to weather the storms of life and when everything has passed when I am all better and healed it ends up being a funny memory...26 years of life is a blessing alone...26 years filled with challenges, guidance and love from family and friends are the best GIFTS i can ever ask for...makes life worth living! dba life is vegah rah! nyahhaa:-p

that's it...more post on for my birthday...the party already started nyahahaaa:-p

Friday, August 20, 2010

kick off for my bday

i'd like to thank my caz whackie for making this video:) thanks so much for the effort and polvoron included nyahahaa:-p it feels so good to have friends that i can always count on during times that i was an emotional wreck nyahahaa...the pictures are so funny and you will see me in all sizes and i apologize if naa mga tao in the past nga naapil...i didn't know aha nakuha ni whckie ang pic nyahhaaa:) im just sharing the video...nyahhaa:) i hope u all will enjoy it as much as i did :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"So I'll let you go, I'll set you free
And when you've seen what you need to see
When you find you, come back to me
Come back to me..."
Was switching channel this morning and I came by full time mom with noelle cassandra rendering her version of the song...I can't explain but I suddenly felt tears streaming from my eyes...I'd like to believe due to exhaustion or lack of sleep...nyaks! i don't wanna invite other reasons....OMG!

I am...

i've been meaning to write for the past months nyahahhaa:) i just couldn't find the right avenue on where to start or how i should start...thoughts just kept pouring and i just shelved them all away for all the reasons i could think...more often ending with the famous excuse "I'm busy!" a real sense I was...the past 8 months a lot of decisions and changes happened...most of which brought about by my unstable mind while trying to rationalize things...nagpaka wise kunuhay kow char! if not for the blogs i've been following (bianca,patty,ala and donna~take note donying hap ka line up sa stars!!!!) i would never be persuade to blog here i am...with my loud brain back into blogging and to start things...i am hereto introduce myself....nyahahaa:)

i am Pauline Mae Cinco Aloyon. 25 years old..will be 26 in 3 days...hailing from the City of golden friendship(charot! inspired sa Ms. Universe). I am the eldest among 5 sisters but I act as if I'm the 2nd or the youngest ( feeler nyahhaaa:-p). I've been in Cebu City for the past 6 years working and meeting lots of people (partying on the side nyahahaa). For starters, I am maldita looking and I may sound garvosa but don't be deceived with that...I just don't make the first move but once I felt our vibes connecting that's when the fun part starts. I'd like to believe that I am adventure seeking in a sense, very curious in a lot of things and generously loving.I am always on the go as long as I love the crowd or at least interested in one of the crowd and going to the beach is a number one favorite. I do party but most of the time I just stay at home with the usual DVD marathon or cleaning the house. I am easily annoyed with a lot of issues but i always end up keeping my mouth shut. So far, that's all that I can think of...pawala lng sa duka nyahahaa:-p anyway, if someone will ever follow or accidentally read my blogs CONGRATULATIONS! (feeler again!) that will give them a chance to get to know me deeper (feeler najowd ni!)and also I will have my disclaimer included ...I don't find it necessary but most of the blogs I followed have one so nakikijoin na rin ako nyahhaa:-p

DISCLAIMER: All things posted will be taken from my perspective...meaning i own all of it...if ever in a way you get affected or disturbed I apologize in advance and strongly suggest that you create your own site so you too can voice out your point of view nyahahaa:-p some things posted would be meaningless but to me it is important...I guess this is about it :) see yah soon :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BE- B~eautiful E~scapade

Last weekend to escape from the pressures and hassles of city life me and my lexmark buddies jejen and budoy trouped to the nearest island...more like no choice was a spur of the moment decision made by jejen and invited along long time city gurl (mehhh) and island local (maricel aka budoy)...since it was tingbits time we are uber2x thankful to jejen who made it all was a simple get away weekend although minus boys (aheeemmmm!!!)..maybe next time...nyahahaa:-p i have to commend be resort staff they are the best as in CSAT to the max....more pictures shall be posted in facebook but here's a sneak peek....
yum! yum! breakfast minus the bacon:(

our own version of H2O just add water:)
the comfort of queen sized beds ayayay...:)

Monday, August 16, 2010

somewhere i belong

it's never too late to start new and write blogs again:) better way to start on my birthday month:)