Tuesday, April 24, 2012


while on lunch...i stumbled on this message...i can't help but blush about it...parang instant connection nho....naleerrkki naman ako sa bold items nyahahaa....i mean really? nyahaaha:-p

how are you? hope your fine... it has been so long since a woman has captured my attention so fully or made my heart beat the way it did when going through your profile, if you don't mind my dear i will be love to know more about you and what you do for leaving...i believe a journey begin with a step...hope to read from you soon..cheer's.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


 i am overwhelmed that my dreams are starting to happen...i am grateful for all the blessings that God has given me...for my family and friends who unceasingly prayed for my success thanks a lot! i have always believed in the power of prayer but as they say it is more effective in numbers...always safety in numbers as they say...thanks again papa GOD! the new chapter will start probably next week and i am excited on my new adventure! SG humanda nyahahaa:-p ohhh btw will post SG survival tips as soon as i find time:) mwahhhhugzzzz:)

Monday, April 9, 2012

well it isn't always tense and stressful for the past 30 days.....i still LURVE to be in SINGAPURA:) we still find time to unwind naman kahit papano:)

our first night out in SG

pam and his prada guy

first beach outing!

with pretty jackie during our sentosa outing:)

me, rodney and pam inside the HEART....well hoping to be in LURVE in SG:)   

bus ride to clarke with the glenn's

donna's bday celeb at ORGO bar       

eds briefing us where to shop quality but at bargain rates! thanks eds:)

@ wild wild wet for easter with butch and rae

charmed! nyahahhaa
us enjoying the fake and simulated waves nayhaahahaha:)
so what's missing....uhmmmm papa God work please and an approved pass nayahaha:)

Sunday, April 8, 2012


first off HAPPY EASTER! just when i thought that i will temporarily hold my breath until monday kicks walahhhhhh!!!! our extension for another 30 days got approved! mind you we (pam and i) are still drowsy and less sleep because aubrey talked about her SG life complications nyahhaa:) i would have opted to stay awake until 6am but then she asked a question i am not yet ready to share and i told myself not to....actually pam knew about the whole thing by sheer accident...uhhhmmmm in my part, it was something i chose not to share to protect all parties...never mind what are stories out there...i would neither confirm nor deny....my part of the story is mine alone and whatever side people take is the least of my concern....i am happy where i am and my dreams are about to happen or at least i believe they are happening nayahhaaa:) so why open up to something that is for me hap "old news"...basta yopak naman sya uist no matter how tempting to have my side of the story published pero for what uist...i made a choice and assumed it was all for the best so let's just stick to that mindset...dba why complicate things when there is always a way out? nyhahahaa:-p it wasn't easy...it was a process,  it took years for emotional rehab and a lot of conscious effort to forgive myself...so about the question if i pushed him into a decision...then maybe i'd go for yes and yes probably i left him with no choice...does that make me a bad person? not necessarily...maybe i just did them a favor:) maybe he could have been all i wanted and needed but i wasn't for him so that just put the odds in balance nyahahhaa:) isolation, desperation, semi-insanity and a whole range of emotions could have contributed but nevertheless still a HAPPY EASTER! if you see this sight wouldn't you SMILE kahit fake ang waves nyahhaaa:-p more pics to come just check pam's FB account since she is the official photographer pak! havey na kau ako yawyaw diri unya deadmalogy rah diay kau sa iyaha nyahahaaa;-p faetz:-p

 pic taken by my cam so quality is not that much nyahhaaa:-p

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

HELLO? is it me your looking for?

if only i can knock on all doors and sing that...will they take me in? i don't know how my decision will end or where it will bring me but this is one ride that made me asked a lot...on a personal note, professional level and religious aspect....i was excited to start this week and hopeful that finally i get to write down something that states how to survive or deal when they venture in this adventure...then again life has a funny way of turning things around when you already felt everything is about to come in full circle... was i devastated? of course i was! who wouldn't? did it ever occurred for me to cry? absolutely! i just probably opted to be rational rather than making scene out of it. did i question my competencies? super! did i doubt my decision to leave everything? never! and that made all the difference...in a snap i knew in my heart that this is the route i'd take...no matter how difficult and long this road leads me i am decided to fight it 'til the end... i promised myself that i would fight no matter how bleak the chances are...then  silently i  prayed for strength and to have faith in His plans....i lifted everything to His plans...i'm pretty sure i'm in good hands:) who knows a month from now or years will pass and then i get to read this post....this will remind me how i bravely stood up amidst uncertainties and doubts lurking around the corner....waiting for faith to drop...but i didn't....holy week ended!