Thursday, December 29, 2011

MY 2011 LOOK

i hope i didn't do bad for 2011....i'm super excited for 2012!!!!

and of course watch out for the people who made my 2011....
desirable, memorable, bearable and unforgettable :) chos!

it's the year of the DRAGON...let's all hope for wonderful fortunes ahead of us:)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


it's the longest celebration for Filipinos! surely busy days are up ahead:) as much as I'd like to be very festive this holiday....i can't help but think of those who suffered due to typhoon Sendong:(...good thing my family is well and okay pero sensitive naman ako sa mga always my prayers for quick recovery and healing:)...on a happier are pics to infect a little holiday cheers nyahahhaa:)


after all the meetings and semi arguments....
this is our VICTORY BFAST!
i can feel CHRISTmas already!

thanks to my nak angel for the angry bird mug and
amegah ika for the piglet snow globe and it's all in YELLOW!!!!
wrapped gifts are for my family:) my way of saying THANKS!

CHRISTMAS are for KIDS! even REEL KIDS nyahhaaaa:)

Christmas season always bring out the happiness in us! Despite major differences and heavy seemed like everyone turns 360 degrees to be extra good during this season! This just proves the theory that sometimes to be HAPPY...all you need to do is think HAPPY! and of course... got a greeting from someone I truly and deeply like for Christmas so this just concludes the MERRIEST Christmas nyahahhaaa:-p hopefully to be continued nah for 2012.....

Friday, December 23, 2011

after hearing a surprising twist of fate i scribbled keywords that would and hopefully will put things in perspective.....

meaning of this?
should i feel elated?
feelingera much?
answered prayer?

they say it's a small world...pero dapat bang maging ganito ko small ang world for us? i'll try to clear my head for now....tsk..tsk...i'm staying true to my mantra less words...less hurt...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


almost a week before Christmas....flash flood hits my hometown cagayan de oro city and nearby iligan....i was very much busy setting up happy event for Christmas...when I saw a friend's status at facebook and it alarmed me!!!! I immediately called my mom and thank GOD they are all made me watched news since I have good friends in CDO and majority of them are okay but to those who are mourning my deepest condolence and my prayers will always include the victims:( to all the kind hearted citizens  who reads my blog (chos! as if nho?) please do send your may click on the links below...a little help will go a long way:) thanks in advance:) Merry CHRISTmas!

Friday, December 16, 2011


before the fever runs's my post regarding the recently concluded TSC All Star Year Ender!!!!! to begin, a very loud and thunderous clap to all the event organizers, aheemmmmm that includes yours truly! nyahahahaaa, for another successful party...the same people from summer sizzle united chos! to come up with an epic year ender! heavy build up! since it was the second time, we felt we already had everything covered but wait! to our dismay we stumbled upon  some minor crisis...the company will not allow us to have it on MO2 since they couldn't as of the moment have the place accredited...tension and heads flared as to where is venue for plan B...i was at a point where i couldn't and didn't know how i can face and tell the madlang people that the venue would be training rooms 1-3 dba? after all the hypes dli ka malerrrki? but thanks to our ever supportive boss noe who probably moved heaven and earth we got the thumbs up! yipee! to have a focal point on the said event we all agreed to have the mr and ms party rock..aside from having the participants cheer for their is also one way to encourage them to come to the event...planning for the production sounded easy but due to different geos we barely practiced...come to a point where people had high blood pressure but constantly reminded where's the fun in that....fortunately! it all worked out well :) again kudos to the organizers! i would love to work with all of you again but then let's see what 2012 has in store for us :) meanwhile here are some pictures for the party!!!! let me quote ms karla on this "TSC is F-U-N!" nyahahhahahaa:-p

that's me on the wall of fame with my fellow stars kuno!

the candidates for mr&ms party rock! ,SW's bets~juanma and angel
 and us showing 100% support!

that's pre prod! 15 mins before showtime!, the crowd going wild for juanma
 and finally the organizers but where's ed????

hats and shoes off!!!!!! the real party started here!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


eating has always been one of my favorite thing...uhmmm probably it tops all of my favorites! nyahhahaaa:) it's best shared when you are with the people who matters and means a lot...i think you wouldn't enjoy eating itself if you hate the people/person involve anyway...right? take a look at the food and people nyaahhhaa:)

dinner @ roma mia after shopping at nolocs and before watching breaking dawn part1

lunchdate with kapatid @ pizza hut after a very stressful workday!

my new favorite! persian palatte! thanks to jasper and vira :)

the long waited lunch and zubuchon with my bestfriend honey:)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


i am fortunate to again be out of the country and lucky to purchase a promo fare! nyaks! win-win combo! i love travellin' takes me to something that i really love that doesn't require a lot of effort...just pack and then go! go! uhmmmm it's not that it's mindless since when you travel you also need to have presence of mind on how the people behave and what the culture exhibits are you are also on a 360 degree look out on some conspicuous looking citizen...aminin! it's always gonna be there so i make sure to be extra careful... i don't have the intention to compare or even sound like i negatively criticize felepenz but here are some things we can probably learn or emulate from our neighbourhood....

-TRANSPORTATION ~ it covers air, sea and land... fresh on my mind is the tag to our NAIA 1 as the worse airport so it made me formulate questions "what made other aiports from neighboring asian countries excel and what can we do to improve our own?" priority is to have a clean and safe airport. sadly, even our own international airport in mactan needs a little renovation...u know a little boast to appeal more "international" far, iloilo international airport is the best i've been and seen. plus, they offer shuttle service for 50php from airport to the the city. like in SG and KL the transit service is available from airport to the city... it is convenient, fast and comfortable. i dream of the day when we will have a railway system from airport/seaport to the heart of cebu city. also noted, is how even SG's budget terminal and KL's LCCT represent there country. admit it! first impressions lasts! i suggest we do the same even on our domestic terminals...when we touchdown,  the regions' culture should be felt the minute we set foot on it. it is also one way to effectively advertise what we have to offer but still within the scope that we are "PHILIPPINES" lng ang 1 malaysia dba? to add, efficient transport system is key to achieving progress...i suggest we have trains and buses that only stops on designated areas :)

-PEOPLE ~ we are known to speak english at its best than the rest of asia but the thing we lack is our pride that we are "FILIPINOS and our country is PHILIPPINES" ... it may be due to the fact that we were colonized for years...we have the mentality we are always oppressed and less. even after colonizers left and gave us our freedom, our minds are still bonded on the notion that we are inferior...personally, there are moments i feel i am... not because of our quality as a Filipino but because of the things we do that shame us for being a should perhaps start with mere fact that we love being a Filipino! unconditionally loving the good and bad things that sum us up being a Filipino...second, reflect on the things that could disgrace or belittle us Filipinos...instead of glorifying our evil traits let's try to highlight what we do best in a positive note... what i'm trying to point out is there will always be undesirable traits on each culture but we should make it a point to put intense emphasis on the characteristics that will let us move forward...therefore bringing a culture of one proud FILIPINO! clap! clap!

-TOURISM PACKAGING ~ it is everything! land area wise and talent wise! certainly there is no doubt we are massive and overflowing but we need to wrap it into something that's uniquely authentic...WOW PHILIPPINES was a good start but what we need to do is a follow-up on what is really the wow factor...we can always say we have the nicest beaches and the friendliest people but do we live up to it? how can tourist enjoy the beautiful sceneries and dive into our history if we do not let them? aside from the government actively promoting our country plus  giving incentives... individually, we should also put to heart to take care of the foreign visitors and show Filipino genuine hospitality... i have heard horrible stories from robbery and  fooled to pay more than the usual rate....(singit slight, i even had this experience where i was asked to pay more! take note! i am on my own land hap?!?!?!?1) that is super unacceptable! we should plan long term dba? the better image we project the more tourist visits....the end result? income! money!  that's what we want right?

on a lighter note, i am blessed to be among company of friends who understands my needs and temper all through out the trip...the tour would have been expensive but since I have friends on both places i have to say they've helped a lot nyhahaaa:) i've said and expressed my gratitude multiple times and rest assured when it will be my time to pay it forward then guaranteed nah nyahahhaa:-p...before i end, maybe it's safe to say i love my country and i am truly proud to be a Filipino but if a better opportunity comes along then i certainly wouldn't pass that chance :) in God's time!

Friday, November 11, 2011

It's been 2 days and I still can't shake off the holiday fever! nyahahaha:) will post my KL/SG tour soon....uhmmm as soon as I'm back to reality!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


i am suppossed to title this with something that will have the "gun" word on it . however it stayed on "saved as draft" mode for a long time and in between- a  lot of things happen...and take note it isn't a pleasant event :( this post came into conception when a yahoo news caught my attention~another shoot out incident just out of the blue... i almost shouted what the ???!?!?!?!? followed by ohhhh my God! from my profession i rarely watch news due to my crazy work schedule and zombie sleeping hours but when news like this occur  i can't help but be hooked! i know there are a lot of more pressing issues the world can discuss and try to resolve but i'm just sharing a piece of my mind. i am affected since we can now literally say no one and no place is safe. i once treasure moments when i am alone, mall strolling, but lately it made me think twice..i can remember my cousin ton2x saying that danger is everywhere and i totally agree. it is anywhere and no one can know how it will happen or who can make it happen...recent headlines made it look like loading a gun and then firing it is a free for all thing. public places such as malls and beauty saloons, places we frequently go to un-stress, are no longer beacons for refuge for us to momentarily forget the everyday challenges of life. even the comfort of home and family is no longer a 100% guarantee, such was proven on the talisay incident. a father killed his wife, 3 children, house help and then took his own life only sparing his teenage daughter. God forbid this happens on my own family! this horrors were only conceived as fiction previously. looking closely, the tragedies can be associated in a way. in my humble opinion, i have summed up the 3 possible or remotely logical reasons why such tragedies happen: (1) crime due to poverty (2) crime of passion lastly (3)twisted/sick mind. admit it! we are leaving in a world run by money and we are all guilty to it. society dictates us what to have, to a point psychologically decreeing us as to what holiday to celebrate. a few are born of privilege, a close 2nd in working class but majority are poverty stricken. We can blame the government all we want but they can only do too should still start within...the will to go up! unfortunately, our culture is used to the "bahala na" attitude...if we are born poor we instill to our kids to obviously die poor...or the easy money route like joining a noon time show/artista search to win instant millions! it may not be true for all but those areas are breeding grounds for drugs and crime. even if we escape or are more blessed financially we still have our personal demons to defeat. in a culture where macho-ism and pride prevails over well being its rare to meet a person(s) who is open to seek medical attention. often, those that go there are equated to mental illness. most of the time we just end up saying "pangita og ayo or pangita ka-storya"...i don't advocate going for professional help whenever you feel things aren't okay since it  is expensive and not covered by most insurance... in fact, on the first sign, talking to friends and family is a simple admittance that you need to make sure that you are normal (whatever is normal)...this also reminds me of the lyrics "too much love can kill you"... it actually does!  such was the case on the mall shoot was a love triangle then a break up gone bad...all of the cases ended up bloody~massacre even to a point...and it made me asked... "are we really this misguided that we recklessly let loose,  point a gun then shoot whenever we want to?" im no expert on human behavior, a lot of factors could affect leading to the horrible incidents....i couldn't know whatever was going on inside their head and i personally don't know or have the right to judge's just sad knowing that they took the road to could have been prevented...who knows....but as a bystander....violence is never an GOD help us!

finally! took almost a month to finish this entry:)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

of kids and farteeeys

i used to say that i never wanted kids and i made it my life mission to irritate a kid/baby until they cried *evil laugh* you might picture it as a heartless thing but don't get me wrong my intimidation is of the harmless kind suhwear! it's something like if a child likes me then we are off to a wonderful start and if it's the other way around then i asked what the..?!!!?!?!!? in defense mechanism i return the favor *another evil laugh* label it immaturity or plainly just playing around nyahahhaa:-p digging deeper during my moments, i have concluded that the reason why i acted the way i acted...dba may free DIY psycho nyahahaa? (1) i am the eldest and i saw how each of my sibling grown and rebel. i'm not saying that i did all the hard mom should take the credits...i was merely an assistant...from my perspective it was much work in fact consider it a career. motherhood is a full time job! for an immature, young and restless me, it was a path i couldn't bear to take at that time (2) on a more recent note, there is something wrong with my ovaries. i may not be able to explain it medically but in simple terms they aren't growing parallel to my age. treatments and medications can help but as always there is no 100% guarantee. the fear alone of not being able to or have one is without a doubt a disaster about to happen. again, in defense mechanism and stubbornness i conditioned myself not to have one to mask any inadequacies in simpler terms you won't get hurt if you never wanted it anyway! there was this unexplained insecurity that ended up dudging bullets to innocent ones. i hate myself for hating and feeding myself into hopelessness nyhahahaa:-p it took time for me to realize that i was on a destructive self rage without the need or push from someone to be. and then just one day, it hit on me like hallortz? miracle or maturity? you can take a pick...your choice is good as a riddle for me too:)  i started, smiling to kids instead of envisioning on how to hit their irration level to the fullest. Then I realized if I let my perky persona overcome my "yet to come" phobias they started smiling back. it may sound cliche but kids/babies are really stress make an effort to communicate and catch their attention without minding that it was really a task...i realized it is au naturel:) in a nutshell i feel that i wanted to have one nyahhaaa:) i'm not in a hurry though but i can now confidently say i'm ready...the excitement on setting up the baby room and organizing bday farteeeys...tsk..tsk...tsk..there is always a challenge though but kelan ba nawalan ang life? i may not foresee whatever is on the other side but again it is always a risk and in them meantime please be reminded its all "plans"...meaning future tense and may or may not happen:) so good luck!

even if i previously declared that i don't wanna have kids of my own....i already had names in mind for my future kids nyahahaa:-p nga-ub nho?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


most of the time it takes time for things to sink in to my system regardless if its a happy or sad one...blame the worrier or OC-ness in me, if I am given a choice I always plan ahead considering all options especially financial concerns since I have obligations.there are things I take risk but career wise, I always envision things and make timetables with back up plans in case some things do not go out as planned. it's still 6 months to go before it "actually" happens yet as early as now I am frightened on what awaits me there...apprehensions and anxieties are slowly creeping up to my spine and I cannot explain why...i can see where I am going, i just don't know what will happen but I remain optimistic that things will work my way...with everything going on, i ended up attending mass to seek guidance and find peace...i am patiently waiting for an answer from papa God and I faithfully hope it will coincide with my plans:) i trust that His will would be for the best! :)

Friday, September 16, 2011


lately i have lotsa ideas popping up on my mind as to what i wanna post, what i wanna achieve and what i wanna do...and take note those are just things inside my head not counting the number of things i do physically and manually on a day to day basis...shouting kalerkiii!!! seemed to eased the stress a bit but i'm not complaining...uhmmm i remind myself to count the days i was on vacation recently and much better than not doing anything at all :) even the title to this post went to a lot of to why its titled...well with my current state, its slices of what i wanna post and nuggets seemed to represent here goes saksak sinugol:-p

to start of, the month begun with a much deserved vacation to in general scale to panay group of island~ namely, ILO-ILO, GUIMARAS AND BORACAY. personally, party and commercial wise boracay is beach capital of the philippines but if you are looking for rest and relax i suggest you go to el nido or camiguin (nyaks! favoritism!) going back, despite a few disadvantages it would be my third visit to the island. each visit is with varying emotional phases but we need not go to further details for now. to my surprise and disappointment, 6 of us were supposed to take the trip but ended up with just me and pam...imagine my face full of discontent but i just kept on telling myself that whatever happens this trip will push through...i mean it would be fun to spend it with friends but if it ends disastrously with them on it then much better to go on board a few enthusiastic ones. tickets were booked months before and sorry to sound insensitive and all but i find it "BS" suhwear! i'm sorry that's just how i feel and to add, cutting out communication and placing me intentionally or maybe accidentally to a "no talk" state just made me question our friendship...however, if you know me and deeply consider me to be a so-called "friend",i can always reconsider and forget it happened:) on a more happy note, i finally set foot to Guimaras island...known for producing the sweetest mango in the Philippines this is surely not one to miss...uber2x glad to enjoy the day trip but was very unfortunate not to sample mango from the island since its off season...a bonus we meet new friends ted and lyka...uhmm we actually hit it off during an impromptu island hopping...i always welcome acquaintances on my trips since they are major factors and true to life instances where we can showcase our world renown "Filipino hospitality" ...i've been lucky to meet good people from my many travels and thanks papa GOD for that:) ilo2x on this trip was more of a jump off place...of the 5 days, 3 days were spent in boracay..originally, it was only 2 days but due to heavy partying and drinking we had a one day extension nyhahaaa:-p and when i say heavy drinking it came to a point where i feel asleep and had no memory on what happened next...thanks papa GOD again i was with a good friend,pam, who never gave up until i was safely back to our resort. again geng, thanks much! in return i paid for the extra day we had...that's the least i can do in exchange of all the, this is the part where i felt embarrassed and like a computer if possible do a clean install nayhhaaa:-p i didn't know what hit me...i knew i had to much for the night considering it was only the two of us but i am such a pleaser i couldn't say no to a drink...thinking hard and looking back, i'm used to drinking but not really mix drinks, as for the emotional side it's something i am trying to control to the point that i'm contemplating on seeing a shrink...on the brighter side as long as i'm sober and sane, then my lips are sealed:) this was definitely one heck of a trip!

just 4 days after my panay trip, i was shipped to the city of golden friendship to witness the union of jasper and vira. i love weddings since they always remind me of fairy tale happy endings and of course love, love,love :) it is such a happy occasion  where people dress up and genuinely smile because they are happy :) i also get emotional on weddings because i'm happy for my friend and i remain hopeful one day it will also happen to me nyaks! since the wedding took place on my hometown, i get to spend time with my parents and my 3 younger siblings. the last time i went home was may of 2010 for the national elections. there are lots of things i miss, my mom's constant chismis about my lovelife, my dad's tease on my weight and my sisters unstoppable phase of teen age rebellion/early adult dilemmas. of course, the sunday lunch! my it would always be like a fiesta sunday but as payback i get to cook chos! i'm not claiming cooking supremacy but i can cook without getting people poisoned nyahhaa:-p but one funny thing that made me think deep was my youngest sister asking as to what happened to "mr. photographer" first i didn't understand who she was referring to and i had to ask her again to describe and then bang! i can't explain what i should feel at that moment or how i should answer her innocent question...i just simple replied with "namatay naman tow sya"...kalookah! at that moment, i said to myself in silence that i would never again submit my family or loved ones into that state of hoping that he could be someone in my life unless i am 100% was a mix of feeling sorry and sad and i swear not to put them into that feeling moving forward! 

after 2 straight weeks of leisure time, back to reality na naman oks...confronted with where did my SSS cheque go, planning for our team building, organizing a dinner/lunch for jasper and vira, researching for places to go and the best mode of transportation for our KL/SG tour this November...don't you just love life? i'm surely stressed out with everything but the thought that you are part of some unit and your opinion or vision matters is fulfilling in a least for now i have things to busy up myself dba?....this is a good way to start my "BER months" :)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


"It’s so hard to believe how much can change in a year. This time 
last year things were completely different. I was completely different."

i think i've heard or used those lines before but couldn't put a finger as to where , what and how. moving forward, before my fav month ends here are a few things i realized uhmmmm maybe just this week to be exact. totally, basing it on the people and events happening around me. they are simple truths that i ignored but only recently it just slaps you and dismissing it is not an option. it's a mix of joyous and painful truths but then anything goes in my place:)

*leave something out for myself ~ i used to think that being an open book would make life easier. anyway, who cares if people will judge me base on my action i was quick to respond "they have no idea". looking back at it now, it was a very childish reply. it maybe true that people had no idea on the real deal but that didn't gave me the right to act as if no one is watching. there should always be a room for authoritative and watchful eyes and no matter how much you hate to stay still then you must at times out of respect even if it's the last thing you want to do. I am a very trusting person, when i meet someone i make no assumptions, "unless by accident informed of a bad behavior", everybody gets a clean slate on my terms and i honestly and naively trust you do the same. hiding skeletons in my closet is not something i can live with but on recent years i have carefully choosen people to show off those poisons and as years passed i should keep reminding myself to be most careful on who to trust even if they were trustworthy in the past. maybe listen to them but be forewarned and open to the possibility they can always hurt you.

*people will always disappoint you ~ i am not perfect and i am guilty on this as well and i guess for this case all is fair. i've heard that even your bestest and closest friends will fail most of your greatest expectations. on multitude times, you will have to learn to forgive them of their shortcomings and eventually work things from there. you either have the option to be wise about it or sadly cut the line. you also have moments when you need to play it by ear and wait how things will turn out.

*learn not to care and be a better person~ in life, certain person(s) will out of nowhere forget what you were in their lives or suddenly change without explanation. you will neither receive warning or explanation but life still goes on for both parties. as human as you are, your pride will get the best of your emotion. you think of ways to strike back or shout unfairness on all corners but it's best to keep mum about it. wait for the whole chaos to flame out then simmer. when all perspective are taken objectively, decide what's the best approach. if you feel you have your hand on the issue then with all humility apologize. if apology is not enough for vindication then be modest and respectful of their choice. try to move forward, maybe hurt and hate a little but choose to be the better person.

*unconditional love~ despite your imperfection, bad attitude, and incurable habits a few will accept and embrace those inadequacies. naturally, they are your family but there are some who will turn out to qualify the rank in that level of acceptance. they are people worth keeping, trusting and respecting. it's heartbreaking that of the many people you meet, merely a handful are close to that level of accepting. you have the feeling they have or might but best to reserve a little doubt since majority are just temporarily and technically present for free passes. on a happy note, you don't live for those people. you laud your existence to those who consistently bear and take you for just who you are.

those 4 are elementary things that you often read about or was persistently reminded over the years... you are equipped to know them yet you need constant reminder or experience them to know how they leave an impact on you as a person. :) and this is life! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! CHOS!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

PAU speaks:)

i was expecting high returns but unfortunately only 5 people submitted questions...i guess people were thinking i wasn't serious but well here are the questions and the winner announced at the bottom part of the entry...i had a hard time answering on all 5 nyahhaaa:)
**What makes you special to the extent that until now you're still not married?
Special is a strong word nyhahaa! Let’s just use the word non-conformist .I don’t view marriage as a requirement or something that you do at a certain age. For me, marriage is a 100% commitment emotionally, physically and spiritually. On those 3 I am still uncertain on what level I’m in…until then I am staying single nyahahha!

from Templa, Pamela Kristie

**Isa rgyud ako question nimo geng….Kung maganda ka, sang banda?????????? Nyahahaha

Wow! Ang hirap naman nito…it’s highly subjective:) not sure if it covers the tangible and intangible assets. Physically? It’s on the eye of the beholder chos!


**Of all the lessons you've learned through your journey in this thing we call life.. which is the most important/valuable lesson you've learned?

When all else fails you only have faith to survive! Faith in God that everything will work out and faith in yourself that you can wither the storm thrown at you. There were times when I was at a point of giving up. It looked like everything was downhill motion. Apart from family support I have to give credit to believing that someone up there is designing better things for me.

from whackie

**anong pangalan ng taong nagpapatibok ng puso mo ngayon? chos.
Mala lenka naman my heart skips a bit ang drama chos! At this moment, there is no one making my heart leap like crazy and excited. I’m on factory reset-Single! Nyahahaa:-p but you are referring to the post then no other than the guy I meet in palawan( shodi  na name dropping! Alam mo na nah the who?) For the explanation na much but to clear things kay murag confusing naman dba? I said you na talaga because he had the qualities of someone I am looking for… intellectual and street smart. Is not afraid if I dare speak my mind out loud. No pretensions for him just as is lang. More of he sees through the facial thing. And of course, you cannot deny he is good looking uist dba? Unfortunately, even if he has all the qualities I would want to be in a partner at this time we are not on the same boat. Commitment is such a big issue for me. I cannot even trust myself on this one nyahahaa:-p Let’s still pray for the best for now!

from josh via text message

**What’s the greatest failure that you can consider in your 27 years of existence? If given the chance would you rather not commit that mistake or would you still want to commit that mistake?

Greatest failure? Over the years, I find it hard to admit one because the word “failure” is such a strong adjective and it may connote a different reaction/meaning to the person(s) or event(s) involved. Let’s just say that I always wear my heart on my sleeves and on most occasions it has worked against me. Let’s state the very obvious, I always fail on keeping a relationship/making the person stay/making the relationship work (kana dli friendship hap! Luckily, I am okay on that department). I cannot blame the person(s) totally because there are things beyond our control so blame it on right timing nyahahaaa:-p I cannot also consider it’s the wrong person because people who come into our lives were meant to be there for us to grow and learn. On the question if given a chance, why make life difficult when you can always have a choice to correct your so-called failure. When a much better opportunity arises then it means you were given a chance to redeem yourself so make sure you focus on redemption!

as announced my sister will choose the winning question...and she picked (drum rolls!) eunar's question for the simple reason that she also wants to know the answer ...runners-up are eurice and then josh! so clap! clap to eenot and see yah on September 24:) see posters and print ads for details!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


it has come and passed again! another year of existence and surely new endeavors to conquer! hopefully less personal demons to defeat! this year i opted to celebrate my day with the 3 people I loved with all my heart and I know loves me back unconditionally~ mama,papa and my kapatid ddang! it was a very wholesome family affair. we just went to bantayan island to chill and relax. no city noise just sea breeze:) my way of showing my appreciation to them chos! nevertheless, i thank  the people who greeted me via text and FB wall post. there were a number of familiar names and some new ones of which i am truly truly grateful. you are all part of my life, maybe a witness to my dark side or took a deeper glimpse of what's inside me~ the reel and real facets of my personality. we have shared tons of tears both for joyous occasions and lonesome moments but more importantly the memories we shared allowed me to grow and believe that life is good! Indeed it is! Oh's easier said than living it but i feel and know it is! A little bump, a few challenges and a gazillion mistakes spiced up life! nyaks! again, muchos gracias! i may not mention your names here but you know who you are so self clap! clap!

***BDAY Q&A winner to be announced soon! Very dissapointing number of entries though...
cguro you're thinking joke! joke! but well see***

***BDAY pics posted soon too...i don't have a camera for now so
I'm waiting for my parents to post it nyayhahaa:)****

Thursday, August 18, 2011


ever occurred a moment when you felt that you found the "ONE"? it absolutely does! like, it just happened to me nyaks! and i'm sure eyebrows will raise coupled with "na naman?" nyhahahaa:-p this is different suhwear! for one, i never dated him... imagine the plot likely similar to that of before sunset:-p it's like the moment you first meet everything was a hit, then you felt as if you knew him long enough for both of you to open up your mind and talk of things under the sun. could be birthday jitters giving me this exhilarating feeling but in all honesty i may have said a lot of times that i'm in love but only now have i declared that "you are the one!" chos! speaking of one....congrats to me!!!! my blogspot is already a year old:) clap! clap!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ang babae sa septic tank

i am no expert when it comes to doing a critic...i am highly influenced by reviews given by cinema goers, if the movie is based on a novel i read and if the cast is an actor/actress i just love to watch onscreen. for example, if its bea-lloydie team-up that's a no fail for me nyhahhahaa:-p those that are award winning or those written with worthy scripts are left to be watched on my DVD player. It's my own way to escape reality or just be on a state of no thinking mode. When its pitch black I can express myself to the highest possible state of laughing or crying...kevs! even if they look at me with convicting glances they won't be able to remember my face when the show ends nyahahahaa:) And so, last Saturday along with Pam I watched "Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank" ( was the first time i watched an indie film and i wasn't disappointed! It can be considered a movie within a movie. The issues presented were real life conditions and how far ideals can take you to achieve perfection. Reading this entry would seem like the movie has a very heavy treatment but it's the exact opposite...oh well the first 5-10 minutes was boring but moving forward you can't help but laugh hysterically! I also admire how the core story can be told from the perspective of the director, producer, musical and from the lead actress. Warning! The next lines are spoilers! There are 3 things i find unforgettable about the film (1) The switching of who will play the lead character...of course we all know it was Eugene Domingo but there were doubts from direk if she was fit for the role and so in consideration were Mercedes Cabral and Cherry Pie Picache (2) Ate Uge's superb acting! Only she can deliver the line "Scene na may frontal nudity... check!Sexy scene na may penetration... check na check!Gagawin ko lahat, wag nyo naman ako palusungin sa tae!" (3) Lastly, of course the septic tank scene! no more explanation needed just as is! You won't even know that the movie has ended...kinda bitin but it was an appropriate ending! I'm definitely gonna be excited for the next  cinemalaya! Kudos to Filipino indie film making!

Friday, August 5, 2011


i've been running this idea for the past month as i was trying to shake my mind on what to write that's birthday worthy..last year was 26 things and it would be boring to have it 27 things for this year dba? corniks na much!!!! nyahahha:-p so here it goes...i am sending this message to all of my friends, social networking friends,office mates,family and those considered loved ones to ask me any questions you've been itching to ask for the longest time or just out of curiosity. no format but deadline will be before august 21,2011 at 11:59PM Philippine time (just so we are clear hap!). you can send it thru  any of my emails  or text me about it! i promise to answer most of them as mush as i can, as truthfully as i can and as cleverly as my mind would allow me nyahhaa:) if the question is too sensitive (like it involves name droppings or borderline offensive) i might give an answer personally or opted to stay quiet about it:) chos! all answers will be posted here by the 1st week of september. here's the catch! i'll treat 1 person to a resto of choice @ ayala terraces by september 24, 2011. it's not a date hap! this is my way of sharing and giving back. as for how the winner is choosen...i'll have my sister ddang randomly pick a question and whoever owns that will win! LIKI rah nho? nyahahahahha:) pinaka final na! dinner treat is only good for cebu based people:-p outside cebu can be negotiated!:-p

Thursday, July 28, 2011


can't help feelin' "KILIG" when i get to communicate with my EX-es (EX kachar2x lng hap!) to mention those that i am friends with (just so we are clear hap! nyahaha). Not the type of kilig when we were together but the type that puts a smile on your face:) More like the smile you have when you see an old friend but is beyond they say once you allowed a person to be in your heart, they will always be there no matter what happens. charot! As always, I can't stop myself from over analyzing as to why such phenomena occurs so I'll just base it from my own experience(s) kuno nyaks! (1) it was a childish feeling ~ when we were younger our choices would be 99.9% base on looks dba? i can remember when the butterfly hairstyle was the "In" thing all those who had the hairdo were automatic crush ng bayan nyahahaha:) not to mention the hip hop craze and the boyband affections  nyhahhaa guilty nho? (2)comfortable with the being friends ~ the world as you both view it was much more at peace and clearer without the commitment thing rather you have a new allegiance to a different path that is much more smooth sailing. It ends with acceptance that both of you would be better at this new team up! This is pass the letting go stage...all is well stage cguro nho? (3) not meant to be ~as a much as we ignore the fact that there are forces beyond our control well there is actually one! There is no scientific or logical reason behind it. Similar to the way we fervently pray to papa God and breathe the air we cannot see. The signs are there but most of the time we fail to notice even the most obvious because we are blinded by our feeling. charot! that's all for me and a disclaimer it may not be true for all! i just want to share since I'm happy and i am feeling "KILIG" while i write this entry :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

today is a great day to be a FILIPINO!

that's how i felt after reading Pnoy's 2nd State of the Nation Address:) it's not that I wasn't before, but if your country constantly tops the most corrupt not in Asia but world wide then at times you couldn't help but be envious on those who didn't dba? Sadly, truth be told corruption is anywhere and everywhere! Here are key points I am happy after reading the SONA: 

1. It's in Filipino ~ on the day he was inaugurated he always made sure that we start using our national language and one of his first step is to have all radio stations play at least 3 Filipino songs in an hour. We all know that English is the universal language and as a citizen of the world we should know how to speak it. However, when it comes to national pride then we should start using our own. I'm not saying we stop honing our English skills since that will always be an point is we can be globally competitive without throwing our identity.

2. Pnoy always calling us his big Bosses ~ it doesn't happen everyday when the highest authority calls you his boss right? nyhahahaa:) As a voting Filipino it sounded like he really meant it when he said during his inauguration that he is bent on serving the people.
3.Vision for a well paid and equipped Armed Forces~ i grew up living near a military camp and i have friends who are sons/daughters of soldiers.i saw with my own eyes how only top officials get to enjoy the high life while the low ranking ones unceasingly fight for us to be safe within our territories. i am also, well aware how outdated our war equipments. When news of turmoil over Spratly Islands surfaced I couldn't help feeling helpless and was seriously considering learning how to speak Chinese just in case nyhahaa:) I also believe that we have a number of honest and good soldiers similar to saying that there are a handful of good people versus the evil ones. As I say it, no one is born evil to the core...circumstances and experiences will push as to moments where we need to choose the lesser evil. Men in uniform are at times forced to be corrupted because they literally get nothing for being honest and hardworking.On his recent SONA, Pnoy made it clear that they will be compensated fairly plus housing programs. He also mentioned upgrading our wartime equipments.This will certainly be a source of national pride-knowing we can be protected.That is promising and I hope it will not stay that way :)

4. Slowly but surely mantra on fighting corruption ~they say when you wholeheartedly want something the universe will conspire for you to have it. It all starts with the mindset then envision the goal. We have corruption because we inherited them from our predecessors. Corruption is alive because we feed it among us. We are corrupted because we think we can never go away or live without it. That mentally should be stopped and the Pnoy administration made us aware that everyone should be involved on the changes we want. The administration clearly get rid of the wang2x mentality. He reminded us that  the law stated this privilege is only entitled for the President, the Vice President, the Senate President, the Speaker, the Chief Justice, and police vehicles, fire trucks, and ambulances to use sirens in the fulfillment of their official duties—no one else. Unfortunately, in the past this privileges is extended to family members and allies. He constantly reminded us that public servants shouldn't act as King. He also mentioned things that have been inherited issues from previous government but this time with a solution in mind or at work:(1)lessen poverty with Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (2)open job opportunities that match the skills needed of companies (3) possible cheap energy source. Issues that we once talked about and deemed unsolvable. Again, it is promising and I hope it will not stay that way :)

To partially end: "Let us end the culture of negativism; let us uplift our fellow Filipinos at every opportunity. Why are there people who enjoy finding fault in our country, who find it so hard—as though it were a sin—to say something nice? Can we even remember the last time we praised a fellow Filipino?...Let us stop pulling our fellow man down. Let us put an end to our crab mentality. Let us make the effort to recognize the good that is being done." This is the part where I truly applauded Pnoy! I agree and support him on this one. In fact I share the same sentiment:) He treats us his bosses but he also never fails to call our attention in helping him achieve the winds of change:)

In honor of praising, I stopped minding about S.O.N.A for almost six years due to very obvious reasons that they are full of crap and adjustments to professional and personal life. When I was in highschool I was updated on every SONA since my Social Classes professor Mr. Francisco made sure we read it for our exam. I told yah I was a nerd nyahhahaa:) At first, it was just to pass the quizzes but it later on developed into a habit. I have to thanked 2 people on this SONA rebirth fiasco. First, Mr. Gregorio Francisco who was a terror teacher ~his so-called "terrorism" was due to the fact that he wants us to learn and to not just be aware of what is happening in the society but know that we are part of it. Finally, as much as I didn't vote for him I thank Pnoy for bringing back my enthusiasm into  the SONA fiasco nyahha:) hopefully my renewed faith on SONA will bring forth a good result not just in me but the whole nation. Naks! My geek said just overpowered me nyahaaa:)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

to whom it may concern...

 **DISCLAIMER: This is not an original. I copied it from a friend who also copied it from somewhere. The intent of the entry is purely for comic relief. If the words or description mentioned below fits you then...then....let me know nyahhahaa:)**

Dear Future Boyfriend,

I have come across many nice guys, all of them gorgeous in their own ways; but like you, I am still searching. I don't think it will be too hard because I don't really demand much - after all, I am not looking for Mr. Perfect, Just Mr. Right.

Physically, you can be the simplest guy in the room, but there has to be that something about you that I find charming. It would be nice, of course, if you have a positive attitude and an interesting personality. I hope you can be supportive of the things I do and the things and people that are important to me.

It will be great if you can make me laugh. There are no dull moments with someone who I know is funny. I want our relationship to be filled with excitement and surprises; nothing stagnant, not "just okay." One of my weaknesses is the sweetness of someone. If you can find a way to cheer me up after a long, bad day; that would really make me feel good.

Another thing you should know: I believe the best relationships always start from friendship. I want to be able to talk to you, be silly with you, be able to hang with you, be myself with you. I want you to value the "friend" part of being my boyfriend. I also want us to be able to share each other's lives, our families and our friends. I don't want everything to be just about the two of us.

Despite everything I've mentioned, I want to make it clear that I don't want you to change anything about yourself just to please me. A relationship will last only if we accept the good and bad things about each other. Losing your identity and turning into someone completely different is not necessary. Relax, I already like you, and I like you for who you truly are. I am looking forward to meeting you, and I know that one of these days, I will. I trust that we’ll find each other soon, and when that time comes, I know you’ll prove to me that you were definitely worth the wait.

Your future girlfriend,

Pauline Mae Cinco Aloyon:-p

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

sweet dreams?!!!?

when your dream becomes a reality but slightly altered? should you laugh about it? as i write this i have the DG song in mind "keep dreaming...keep dreaming...DREAMGURLZZZ" to the tune of bleeding love. we all know that most of the time we don't remember any of it once we wake up and those that we remember we find the people and place peculiar. more like the people in your dreams don't usually hang out or belong to the same click and the places of origin are super super odd:-p any thoughts? what I'm trying to say is dreams could be bridges that links us to the dreamworld...they mirror facts that we face on a day to day basis...they reflect on the actions that we would've made when we didn't and lastly, dreams could be your inner conscience telling you to do something about unfinished business! char! but please forgive me since i can't stop myself from smiling,grinning or whatever on my dream! nyahahaa:-p sweet dreams kuno?!?!?!?!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

VULNERABLE (vul.ner.a.ble)

Dictionary defines it as: (1) susceptible to physical or emotional injury.(2)capable of being physically or emotionally wounded or hurt. (3) open to temptation, persuasion, censure, etc. Just one word that without us knowing can leave a devastating impact. I had this topic in mind since I was caught off guard with this word a lot of times. It usually happens after episodes of emotional distress. Just to be clear I am not experiencing any of that right now emotionally! A friend of mine, recently had a very stressful decision to make and he was anxious most of the time as to and if the conclusion would come to a happy ending. To occupy his thoughts, he went to an unlimited drinking spree. The next day, confronted by a friend  with "i know what you did last night" of which he completely has no memory.Another friend of mine, knows she has to move on but when a time comes for her seeing his ex she plunges into the vulnerability stage again. I don't blame them! When it comes to relationships no one is a sure winner. I should know right?nyahahahaa:) Going back to the topic, this is what makes us human. Knowing that we get hurt and when that happens we tend to break the walls of standards we set. Not that we need  to sink down to the lowest level of morality, what I'm trying to say is instead of using it to completely bury ourselves it would be high time to open up on this moments of vulnerability to something new. Re-position and re-think paths we need to cross, explore new adventures and meet inspiring characters. Instead of painting vulnerability in a bad light why not change it. Opening yourself to something new won't hurt as long as you don't get lost. And as I say it, continue the quest for the meaning of your life and along the way find fulfillment.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

although i kissed summer goodbye, i always smile when i remember or look at pictures on how beautiful and sunny(literally!) summer of 2011 was! aside from the sunny and shiny attitude i have for most of the year, i am a self confessed beach fanatic. whenever an opportunity arise to soak in the sand, i am always up to it:) there is an unexplainable feeling of joy and peace i feel when i am near the beach. it never fails to cheer me up as if suddenly i am on a reboot. with a few minutes of hearing the breeze whispering calmness it reminds me to take life slow, to chill a little and to look at it with a positive perspective. positive positioning is all that i need from a very crazy and busy lifestyle i have. reality for the past years has always been for survival on a day to day basis. having to get away from reality even for just a day is a precious and priceless reward. it puts me in the zone on why i was here, where i wanna be, what i wanna be and who i wanna be. pretty much over the years, my choices coupled with little mishaps on life experiences, stayed much the same. safe to say you can never change who you truly are deep inside.  i get to also accomplish organizing our summer event so that is something different from previous years. back to original topic, the beach is like the peak, i can see everything in all levels. knowing and seeing everything puts things as if they were on their right places. i can clearly hear my conscience and observe people around me~it even outs the playing field as they say. i can only sigh! i attached collage photos of  my favorite moments this summer...and take note the big smile painted on my face:)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

the remedy or my remedies

vanity is a serious mortal sin but for the longest time i have taken care of my skin. not to a point that i religiously pour moisturizers and toners on my skin but i make it a point not to leave any spots or marks on my skin. summer of 2011 was a blast! it was beach get-away every weekend to my delight! i couldn't complain and i just love the beach! to kiss the sun goodbye we decided to hit moalboal beach for the last week and more importantly to achieve the summer tan i never get to accomplish! and so we went, i was lounging in the sun, swam to my heart's content under the heat of the sun never minding the stings i feel from time to time. as the locals would just brush off with a simple vinegar/alcohol/efficascent oil would remedy the stings since they were just small jelly fishes not the big ones. hell yah! i believed them since i was bent on achieving my goal to get the summer tone! unfortunately, it wasn't my lucky day. i didn't get my summer tan and to my horror i got stings all over my body. the sight of it didn't come to my attention until i was back in the city and my sister trying hard to hide her horrendous reaction nyahhaa:) she was concealing how bad it looked so i won't be paranoid knowing how paranoid i am. moving on, i was at lost what to do, so my first reaction was to put something on it to ease the itch. i asked my sister what she applied but she forgot the name since her boyfie gave it to her...i felt i could die! char! here are the ointments and soaps i used to successfully cure my stings....meaning i had no idea who did the job actually nyahhahaa:-p i just smothered whatever i can get my hands on to just ease the itch:)

1. NIZORAL CREAM ~ i always carry this ointment along with my anti bug spray when i go on vacation or when i head to the beach. for reasons that i feel safe carrying them since im super paranoid on little itch. this was the first ointment i used the moment i got home. unfortunately, the tube i got was not enough to cover my whole body so to temporarily avoid scratching i just dubbed the affected area with alcohol while i await for the name of the ointment my sister was using. anyway, it was already a long day for me so i jumped to bed and prayed tomorrow would be a better day:)

2. CALMOSEPTINE~ the following day, got a text message from my sister saying that her boyfie couldn't recall the name of the ointment but it sounded like "calmoseptin". i find the name funny since calmot to translate from filipino to english literally means "to scratch" but then i said to myself i'll give it a shoot when i go to the pharmacy. for sure they know better and would probably recommend something. to my satisfaction, the ointment really existed but was spelled "calmoseptine". i hurriedly brought the ointment not minding that it was at 36php per sachet. i mean if it would relieve me from itching and scratching myself then why not right? i applied the ointment from day two to three.

3. DR. KAUFMAN SULFUR SOAP~ applying ointment wasn't enough i felt that i have to do or apply something else. as they say mama knows best, so i was following my mom's advise to use this soap with special instructions to leave it off for about 3-5 minutes before rinsing with water.

4. DR. S. WONG'S SULFUR SOAP~ i was really content with dr. kaufman's but the problem was it was making my skin super dry even if i put lotion and i couldn't take the smell of sulfur out. luckily, i found a better alternative. kaufman's biggest competition in the sulfur soap market-dr. wong's! the image is not the actual one i used. they now have the scented version and with moisturizers. so dry skin and smell solved!

5. BIODERM OINTMENT~as days passed i can see that the stinged areas are already dried up. To avoid over dosage i just apply bioderm ointment until it comes to a full healing.

**DISCLAIMER: i am not in any way endorsing the products mentioned above. I am merely telling my tale on what products i used nyahahhaaa:)**