Saturday, June 18, 2011

although i kissed summer goodbye, i always smile when i remember or look at pictures on how beautiful and sunny(literally!) summer of 2011 was! aside from the sunny and shiny attitude i have for most of the year, i am a self confessed beach fanatic. whenever an opportunity arise to soak in the sand, i am always up to it:) there is an unexplainable feeling of joy and peace i feel when i am near the beach. it never fails to cheer me up as if suddenly i am on a reboot. with a few minutes of hearing the breeze whispering calmness it reminds me to take life slow, to chill a little and to look at it with a positive perspective. positive positioning is all that i need from a very crazy and busy lifestyle i have. reality for the past years has always been for survival on a day to day basis. having to get away from reality even for just a day is a precious and priceless reward. it puts me in the zone on why i was here, where i wanna be, what i wanna be and who i wanna be. pretty much over the years, my choices coupled with little mishaps on life experiences, stayed much the same. safe to say you can never change who you truly are deep inside.  i get to also accomplish organizing our summer event so that is something different from previous years. back to original topic, the beach is like the peak, i can see everything in all levels. knowing and seeing everything puts things as if they were on their right places. i can clearly hear my conscience and observe people around me~it even outs the playing field as they say. i can only sigh! i attached collage photos of  my favorite moments this summer...and take note the big smile painted on my face:)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

the remedy or my remedies

vanity is a serious mortal sin but for the longest time i have taken care of my skin. not to a point that i religiously pour moisturizers and toners on my skin but i make it a point not to leave any spots or marks on my skin. summer of 2011 was a blast! it was beach get-away every weekend to my delight! i couldn't complain and i just love the beach! to kiss the sun goodbye we decided to hit moalboal beach for the last week and more importantly to achieve the summer tan i never get to accomplish! and so we went, i was lounging in the sun, swam to my heart's content under the heat of the sun never minding the stings i feel from time to time. as the locals would just brush off with a simple vinegar/alcohol/efficascent oil would remedy the stings since they were just small jelly fishes not the big ones. hell yah! i believed them since i was bent on achieving my goal to get the summer tone! unfortunately, it wasn't my lucky day. i didn't get my summer tan and to my horror i got stings all over my body. the sight of it didn't come to my attention until i was back in the city and my sister trying hard to hide her horrendous reaction nyahhaa:) she was concealing how bad it looked so i won't be paranoid knowing how paranoid i am. moving on, i was at lost what to do, so my first reaction was to put something on it to ease the itch. i asked my sister what she applied but she forgot the name since her boyfie gave it to her...i felt i could die! char! here are the ointments and soaps i used to successfully cure my stings....meaning i had no idea who did the job actually nyahhahaa:-p i just smothered whatever i can get my hands on to just ease the itch:)

1. NIZORAL CREAM ~ i always carry this ointment along with my anti bug spray when i go on vacation or when i head to the beach. for reasons that i feel safe carrying them since im super paranoid on little itch. this was the first ointment i used the moment i got home. unfortunately, the tube i got was not enough to cover my whole body so to temporarily avoid scratching i just dubbed the affected area with alcohol while i await for the name of the ointment my sister was using. anyway, it was already a long day for me so i jumped to bed and prayed tomorrow would be a better day:)

2. CALMOSEPTINE~ the following day, got a text message from my sister saying that her boyfie couldn't recall the name of the ointment but it sounded like "calmoseptin". i find the name funny since calmot to translate from filipino to english literally means "to scratch" but then i said to myself i'll give it a shoot when i go to the pharmacy. for sure they know better and would probably recommend something. to my satisfaction, the ointment really existed but was spelled "calmoseptine". i hurriedly brought the ointment not minding that it was at 36php per sachet. i mean if it would relieve me from itching and scratching myself then why not right? i applied the ointment from day two to three.

3. DR. KAUFMAN SULFUR SOAP~ applying ointment wasn't enough i felt that i have to do or apply something else. as they say mama knows best, so i was following my mom's advise to use this soap with special instructions to leave it off for about 3-5 minutes before rinsing with water.

4. DR. S. WONG'S SULFUR SOAP~ i was really content with dr. kaufman's but the problem was it was making my skin super dry even if i put lotion and i couldn't take the smell of sulfur out. luckily, i found a better alternative. kaufman's biggest competition in the sulfur soap market-dr. wong's! the image is not the actual one i used. they now have the scented version and with moisturizers. so dry skin and smell solved!

5. BIODERM OINTMENT~as days passed i can see that the stinged areas are already dried up. To avoid over dosage i just apply bioderm ointment until it comes to a full healing.

**DISCLAIMER: i am not in any way endorsing the products mentioned above. I am merely telling my tale on what products i used nyahahhaaa:)**