Wednesday, January 25, 2012

what the year of the DRAGON brings me...

fortune, luck, success...the Chinese all have it figured out...its a 5000 years study of how the earth moves on a scientific approach and mythical legends that no one can validate ever seems like life or the earth itself is coming to a full circle...remember the famous line "everything is made in China" take really is dominantly! best example was the bonggacious 2008 Beijing summer beat that? wohhaaaaa....England must be pretty pressured right now nyahaaa:-p out of topic much? going back, i am not claiming expertise or proficiency on chinese astrology and horoscope...i am merely stating facts about my signs~ a leo born on the year of a wood's just a summary on something I can totally own and embrace.


in unison, under both signs are friendly and happy people. a person who always looks on the sunny side of life and finds it hard to think ill of others...extremely generous and loyal in nature provided appropriate its a give and take relationship...enthusiastic and will often lead and inspire others. A fixed person in a sense organized as  they see to it that things get done...extremely independent spirit and detest control or being dictated to...


the rat and dragon are allies...the dragon will be a great advisor to the rat's wisdom...since relationships are good support and help is abundant but take no credit to deepen social connections....strongly encourage to save as money luck is fair and steady... long term investments are encouraged to have satisfying results.


health luck is fair for 2012...just watch out for cardiovascular system or  any kidney diseases....


most compatible to those born under the year of the dragon and monkey...ox is a secret friend:) will also have a smooth relationship with the signs:Aries, Sagittarius and Aquarius...suggested that for this year with a series of evolvement and transformation should be able to find my match..however, will need to have some patience for a better timing of a romantic moment....

The Year of the Dragon gains momentum for Rat as things finally start to fall into place. Key elements are appreciating what you already have, and setting goals that count. What you want has to be an authentic desires, not what you think you should go for according to others expectations. Try not giving a rip what they think, to get your year of 2012 started right. The position of the Saturn and Uranus for the Leo Horoscope 2012 highlights that all your plans for which you have been working for past two years would reach its fruition.

But as they say they are mere guides to live life in peace....whatever happens choices would still be our own doing...Let me end by quoting "Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa"


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Frostbites Frozen Yogurt Cafe

in an effort to eat healthy kuno for 2012 i chanced upon this place....i was merely looking for something cold or for dessert so i have no big expectations upon entering the cafe...the usual inviting and colorful ambiance was there but i was up for a big surprise:)

first off, they don't have fixed prices...they have this self service gimmick....but don't be too happy about overloading your cup...its marketing tactics at 0.70 php per gram...may sound cheap but a small cup would actually amount to 100php minimum or best to ask the waitress:) anyway, on a happier note you get to choose from four yogurt flavors~plain/original, chocolate, ube and lychee...

2nd, the toppings are bountiful....not your usual fruits, nuts and sago...
it's every foodie addicts' delight! nyahahhaa:)

lastly, with the right combination of yogurt and toppings you'll probably end up satisfied knowing you had your dose of healthy dessert that you designed:)

please visit them at Crown 7 Building, Juan Luna Ave., Kasambagan, Cebu City 6000  or check them out thru this link:

P.S: I don't get paid posting this nyhahahaa:) I really had a good time when I was there and I can attest to the quality and service they have base on my own it's my way of promoting them:)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

PEOPLE of my 2011

i'm committed to make it yearly and so far so good! yehey! clap! clap! this begun as an inspiration from one of my favorite blogger, bianca gonzales....uhmmmm before i introduce the people who made a mark for my 2011...let me say that 2011 was again a very tough and challenging year for me! naks! when did it not? nyahahhhaa:-p this time in terms of emotional and professional stability. my maturity level was question to the edge that made me doubt some of the choices and decisions i've made but luckily no regrets yet:) i have become more accepting on harsh realities and deeply appreciated things that make life worth living:) 2011 prepared and made me envision a lot of things i wanna have, i wanna achieved and things i am yet to succeed 2012 starts i stand brave, hopeful and enthusiastic on matter what choices or challenges 2012 has for me.... i remain secured, strong, fearful yet loving knowing that there will always be people who watches my back and will continually accept me for who i am....the list is my way of showing appreciation and of letting them know that even if words get in the way most of the time i love them....cheesemaks!

MAMA and PAPA ~without a doubt! they top my list:) both will always be a source of inspiration and strength. 28 years of staying married is such a committment and a testament that marriage is for better or for worse naks! reality is no fairy tale for sure, they had bad days and breeezed through the storms still together and stronger....there differences made the partnership worked. although both are strict disciplinarians they only did what's best for each of my siblings with varying degrees of personalities and tempers nyahahaha:) in sickness and in health ~ just this year we found out that my papa had parkinson's actually broke my heart because i have always conceived my papa as indestructible...good thing mama was always by his side giving him words of encouragement...2011 was a year i spent my time and money for them:)

DDANG~ my supposed to be twin sister but was delayed in delivery nyhahhaa:) growing up felt that i can always have someone who'll be there...i never saw her as my competition or my bitter rival...i simple considered her my kapatid! i am truly proud of her even if we are polar opposites since she could be quiet but that's just how she operated...she needs a little push and encouragement on some things but we always support each other :)

MY SUPAHFWENZZZZ~ who would have thought that 4 loud and strong willed individuals could be friends? i never did! but the exception happened on this 4 amazing people who surprisingly become my best of friends and confidante on a lot of my "life events" ~ good or bad nyahhha:) we may not often get to see each other but when we do pak! catch-up stories never ends:)

THE NEWLYWEDS~ ohhhh nick lachey and jessica simpson lang ang peg? nyhahaahahaha:-p though i am certain they would end up happily after:) i originally knew jasper as a nazi team lead and i was so scared when i heard i would be under his team...turns out i totally had the best though short time under his leadership...he is a leader who shares his knowledge and knows when to be a friend chos! i was uber glad when she meet her soul mate chos! you know you always have pre-programmed thinking to be not so nice on your friends' partner but when i meet vira wow ang gaan gaan ng feeling plus points ang kapwa tsada cagayan so she really had my vote from the start nyhahaaa:) also, you'll actually know if they were meant for each other and that's how i felt when i saw both of them chos!

THE THREE STOOGES~ the trio are my current teammates...although they are not a group i decided to combine the three of them...this guys never fail to amaze and make me laugh when they are around...surely, there is more than meets the eye...they may look and act out of place most of the time but don't let that fool you...converse with them and suddenly life is A-okay and E-asy!

THE YOUNG & RESTLESS~ the duo i meet while vacationing panay island with pam...i can see so much of me in them...always eager and energetic on what life has to offer...take care my darlings and enjoy life to the fullest:) get hurt and laugh only have one life to live anyway....don't waste it on what ifs and could have beens:)

THE HEAVENLY BODIES ~ when i started out with my team it was mostly composed of men and that made me quite lonesome...alas! when this four equally gorgeous, smart and loud ladies joined the team...let's volt in ang show! moments of thunderous laughter and girlie giggles suddenly fill the floor and i'm just uber2x happy:)

ALL THE SINGA LADIES ~ i meet most of them from my previous job...well donna and badj are like sisters to me when we were in one team, jennie my alliance in our "not so ideal workplace and workmates" and roda the ever fighter of a woman :-p they are my inspiration in terms of beauty and career management chos! they all executed it with finesse despite the hassle and demands of everyday living...i hope to see yah soon gurls and i'm excited to join you nyahahaa:) seeing your success inspires and challenges me a lot:)
BLAST FROM THE PAST~  life is full of surprises and most of the time it will take just one snap of fates' finger and pak! you got to reconnect with your friends from college...i was so much awed by the Utopian aura SG had to offer and more proud to say that my friends made it there! seemed like nothing happened and just reconnected on how's life and the many travellin' we each made....again i'm super excited to join this girls nyahahaa:)
INTERNATIONAL JETSETTERS ~ both of them were part of my global trots and i couldn't ask for better company...want to travel cheap and with lotsa sponsorship? they top my list! all we have to do is wait for promo fares and then fly we go...but the best lesson you can get from them aside from wisdom and experience...."HUMILITY"  pak! i'm still not there 100% but i'm trying hard to be there...cheers to more countries and humanda ang international community! thanks for making a little girls' dream come true:)
and last but not the least!!!!!! drum rolls! 

HAILED MOST BEAUTIFUL~ just enlarge the picture and you'll know what i can i not include tita/theta...after all the turbulence and disturbance she had me adjust with her new look this year...pak! the result is slowly but surely gearing through perfection hopefully!...more pills to take but not too much tita and for sure your goals will be reached...naman dba? you can never go back nyahahhahhaa love yah tita! more pasabogs for 2012 hap!

finally done with my list...see yah all again next year( feelingera much!)...making it to my list doesn't have any prize just my way of showing my appreciation for being part of my life, for helping me grow and lastly for molding me:) let me borrow ate krissy's line~ LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! since i envisioned myself falling in love this year before the world ends nyahhaaha chos!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


WELCOME 2012!!!!!!
I'm super thrilled for surprises and challenges this year has to offer! although I'm not big on superstitions but base on Chinese and myths good fortunes favor me born under the year of the rat and Leo sign:) it doesn't matter if love life is put into the sideline as long as career and money wise is super okay!!! nyahahaaaaa:)...ohhh really?

PS: Hopefully before the month ends I can post my list of people who made my 2011 :)