Tuesday, February 12, 2013

keepin' up with my life

From the moment I started to stepped in Singapura from my vacation I was immediately thrown into fire. I wasn't prepared and time was not on my side. I tried to approach it in a calm manner but when my career and professional survival was put to the test I cannot  wallow on self pity...my first reaction was how to be in a new one when the worse case scenario will happen and it did (just so you know nayahaha :p) the only thing that kept me sane on a daily basis was that my financial support to my family back home will be cut off and i can't and will never let that happen...my trust in people (especially fellow Filipinos) was put to the test and sadly some either purposely or unintentionally failed me...i can't drop names but i believe they know who they are...so the next time we meet and i don't have the slightest reaction by intention just don't push it...i only respond to how you treated me...nevertheless, i can't afford to be sidelined by them...life as they say goes on...i prayed fervently to have the strength and resilience to brave the storm, to have faith that everything will eventually be okay and to always have faith that Someone up above is designing the best laid plan...i find comfort on believing on those even without assurance as to what will happen...with the right attitude and positive mindset i know that all will fall into the right place...this is what papa God served on my plate...naturally it's human nature to be worried but the next statement should be what can i do about it? giving up is definitely not my game plan....if it won't go my way i won't hand it that easily..I'd certainly put up a good fight! to cut the story short... i did get a new work from a much promising and hopefully better company...in a way i can say it was a blessing in disguise...God certainly answered my prayers...only he had a different idea in mind how to answer it but thanks so much papa GOD :) with everything that has happened i can now finally focus on who made my year for 2012 as promised it's a yearly thing and i am still picking and making up my mind who really made an impact on me for last year....i guess stay tuned nyahahahaa :-p

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